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WordPress plugins from Google

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems for creating all kinds of websites. With its thousands of plug-ins and themes you can customize your website to your liking. However it's not always the best solution to install too many plug-ins and themes and keep them active as this can cause delays and inconvenience when it comes to updates. There are a number of important Google services that every website uses. Think of Google Analytics and integration with Google AdSense

Updating PHP versions

Updating the software and underlying technology is an essential part of any healthy website. PHP version 7.4 will no longer be supported with security updates as of November 2022 and will therefore go the way of the dodo. It is therefore advisable to upgrade to the newer PHP versions available before then. We'll explain exactly how this works and how you can make your website fit for the newer PHP versions in this blog post. PHP is one of the most widely used code languages on the Internet although

Improve cumulative layout shift

Recently with a demo website we came across a low score for CLS load times within the Google PageSpeed test. In this blog post we are going to explain what exactly this is and how you can fix it for your website. After all this is a fact that has direct impact on not only your load time but also the usability score and therefore also has a direct impact in your Search Engine ranking. Therefore in this blog let's determine where these pain points can be found. And how you sometimes have to make

Keeping updates on your website

A big part of maintaining almost any website is updating updates. Once you have created your website using a Content Management System such as WordPress Joomla Drupal or Umbraco you will be forced to periodically check for updates and update them. This always carries some risk if you install it without preparation. In this article let's cover how best to schedule this for yourself and what steps you should take to complete this in a safe and quick manner. Even if you have created a website entirely

Switching to Microsoft Clarity

Website statistics are important to track for a lot of different reasons with the recent news from Google about Universal Analytics proportions no longer being supported you may be looking for an alternative. Microsoft has had Clarity available for a while now as a free alternative to Google Analytics. Let's take a look again at how to use this and how to install it for your website. Microsoft Clarity is not yet as widely used as Google Analytics but can be a good replacement for those looking

K9 mail is recorded by Thunderbird

In the world of email applications there are a few established names: Outlook and Thunderbird have been around for a long time. However Thunderbird has yet to enter the mobile market which Microsoft has been serving for some time with its Mobile Microsoft Outlook app. In updating our Thunderbird article in the knowledge base I saw that K9 is now being added to the Thunderbird community to further develop it as a mobile app for Thunderbird on Android. An interesting development then. Let's explore

Advantages of a paid SSL certificate

Security of a website is an important concern. The security certificate of a website is one of the first things you see as a visitor. Without an SSL certificate you will immediately see the message 'not secure' in the browser bar: Such a message can make you feel unsafe and can scare off customers who try to buy something through your website. So it has a negative impact on the performance of a website. If you process personal data on your website which is already the case with a contact form then

Create a website for your favorite project

Whether you're working on your own business or a side gig in website design optimization graphics photography or any other project of your passion. An online portfolio website can be the difference between finding your next job and starting your career and having that always remain just a dream. You may think that having your own portfolio website is too much for you or too expensive to maintain. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this blog post we want to promote your passion project

Construction and demolition container rental

You need a construction and demolition container for your construction renovation or demolition work? There are many different options available to you but which is the best choice for you? We'll help you with that below. We'll talk about the different sizes of construction and demolition containers what you can throw in them and what project you can use them for. Why should you rent a construction and demolition container? A construction and demolition container is the workhorse of any construction