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Can you create your own WordPress plug-ins?

If you are an experienced WordPress user you have probably probably already noticed that WordPress plug-ins are a great way to add additional add additional functionality to your website. But did you know that you can also Create plug-ins yourself? In this blog post we're going to take a look at how to create WordPress plug-ins and how you can use them to make your website To be able to customize it to your specific needs. The idea here is to program the plug-ins yourself programming them yourself

Caching in WordPress

As a WordPress website owner you are probably always looking for ways to reduce the loading time of your website and provide a better User experience for your visitors. One of the most powerful tools you can use to achieve this is caching. In this blog post we'll explain what Caching in WordPress is why it's important and how you can optimize it to optimize it to improve your website's performance. What is caching in WordPress? Caching is a process where frequently used pages and resources of your

Transfer Office 365 to a hosting mail address

If you no longer want to host your email address in Office 365 to host you need to look for an alternative. At MIjnHostingPartner.nl. we have a perfect and affordable alternative for you in our product range. And the added advantage? With 1 action everything from your Office 365 Mail address imported! From your email messages folders and calendar! At this blog post we'll discuss all the benefits of hosting your email yourself. Everything imported with one action The idea of transferring your email

Are you on vacation? Do a vacation check for your website!

The 2023 vacation season is upon us again and many and many people will end the summer with a vacation. As a website owner however this can be a stressful time of uncertainty and there's a good chance you'll need to take your laptop with you for emergencies. Emergencies. In this blog post however we'll explain what you can do to make sure your laptop stays close to you as much as possible! Check that there is no threat of an extension It's a good idea to check that there is no renewal renewal of

How to deal with growing media on your WordPress hosting

If you run a WordPress website chances are good that you'll use more and more media over time such as images videos and audio Videos and Audio. These rich media are important to make your website visually appealing attractive and get your message across more effectively. But as your website grows performance Challenges regarding the performance and storage space of your WordPress hosting. In this blog post we'll share some key steps and strategies to efficiently handle growing media on your WordPress

Cloud backup hyper v

Unlock the full potential of Hyper-V with Secure Cloud Backups As a leading backup provider we understand that your Hyper-V environment is critical in modern virtualization environments. Hyper-V has enabled organizations to efficiently scale their IT infrastructure reduce costs and increase flexibility. However if your Hyper-V environment is not supported by a robust and secure backup solution however you run the risk of data loss downtime and both financial and brand damage. It is of utmost importance

Thunderbird Supernova released

The popular open-source email client Thunderbird has this week week a new version called Supernova was released. This update had been been announced for some time and brings with it a new era. Indeed much has been much has been shaken up and modernized while at the same time attention has been paid to retained what has made Thunderbird so popular (for decades). PRESERVED. In this blog post we take a look at what has changed and what this means for your email usage with Thunderbird on Linux Windows

Conversion of Office 365 mails to hosting

For many companies it is better to manage their business mail themselves preferable for many businesses as you are not tied to one party and can host your email much cheaper. Can host more cheaply. As a business owner it's important to have Have full control over your business emails. In this blog post we'll give tips on how you can transfer your Office 365 account to your own Hosted package. The ordering process and setup To transfer Microsoft Office 365 MijnHostingPartner.co.uk to transfer you

What is the content of a website?

A well-designed website is the cornerstone of this online presence. Presence. However the success of a website depends not only on its and functionality but also on its content. The content of a website plays an essential role in attracting visitors visitors to keep their attention and to convert them into loyal customers. In this blog post we will explore the question "What is the What is the content of a website?" and discuss the key elements that are That contribute to engaging website content.