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End of the Microsoft Web App Gallery

The end of the Microsoft Web App Gallery has unfortunately come. In the many years that we have hosted in the Netherlands and abroad many customers and ourselves have used it extensively. In the Microsoft Web App Gallery applications in hosting packages such as WordPress and others can be installed with a few clicks. Unfortunately this is no longer possible as Microsoft itself has pulled the plug. Let's dive deeper into the options that are still available and what will come as a replacement exclusively

PHP 8 with MariaDB hosting

The latest technology for PHP 8 hosting with MariaDB databases are possible at MijnHostingPartner.nl. With these two technologies you ensure that your website is not only as fast as possible. But also with the latest security features. With these two technologies you can run a WordPress website and many other projects built in PHP in the best way possible. Let's take a look at what you can achieve with these two technologies!The advantages of MijnHostingPartner.nl and keeping up with the latest

How to create linked content

Website content is important not only for your visitors on your website but also for other websites that might want to link to it. Links are as many know an important part of your position in search engines like Google. Let's look at how you can create content that can be linked to.Links to your content on your website from valuable websites are invaluable. While many websites will do this for a reason it is still possible to write content that not only gets linked to via Social Media but other

Determine the value of a backlink

A backlink is something that every digital marketer is familiar with for those who are new to this field. This is nothing more than a link from another website to your website. But this has some hooks and eyes to determine and ask if this is valuable and will do any good. And how to do it. That's what we're going to find out in this blog post by looking at how to determine the value of a backlink and how you can go about it. Let's get started.A backlink is a link from one website to another preferably

Webhosting in Germany

To host a website in Germany you have a number of options to get this started. MijnHostingPartner.nl has thanks to its excellent location on the Internet hubs in Amsterdam and Utrecht optimal loading times in Germany and beyond. Let's look at what you can achieve by using Dutch web hosting in Germany.Webhosting in Germany is the same as webhosting in the Netherlands with different specifications and packages it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. Therefore we have at MijnHostingPartner.nl a

Can WordPress run on Windows hosting

There are a number of ways and solutions to run a WordPress website some users believe that WordPress websites can only be hosted on Linux hosting. However nothing is less true. Let's see how a WordPress website can be hosted on Windows hosting!WordPress is one of the most common ways to create a website with its easy interface and way of working you can quickly put a website together. The many themes and plug-ins available allow you to create your own website that matches your needs all without

Digital marketing for your company

If you want to learn more about promoting your website and promoting your business or services you can start by advertising and networking in various sources. But where should you start to create an action plan? In this blog post we will explain this in more detail.The best way to offer or market your business or services on the internet is still to have your own website with your own domain name. You can of course start with a social media page or similar service. However this is often not enough

Editing images for your website

We've covered how to use an image on the web in previous blog posts. But not yet how to edit an image for your own website. For most images not much more is required than compressing the image. But for an attractive blog post cover or news article an image can be edited to already give you an idea of what the article is about. For example by adding a title or text to the image. Or by adding a specific call to action. This can be done in different ways and with different tools. We'll cover them in

Improve WordPress speed for PageSpeeds

Every website needs to be as fast as possible for your own use and more importantly for the users of your website. This helps your ranking in search engines like Google the conversion rate on your website and the user experience. Here are some tips to make sure your WordPress website scores as high as possible in the Google PageSpeeds test.A fast WordPress website is important for a number of reasons. How to achieve this is however a matter of opinion but often the following things have a real impact.