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End of the Microsoft Web App Gallery

The end of the Microsoft Web App Gallery has unfortunately come. In the many years that we have hosted in the Netherlands and abroad many customers and ourselves have used it extensively. In the Microsoft Web App Gallery applications in hosting packages such as WordPress and others can be installed with a few clicks. Unfortunately this is no longer possible as Microsoft itself has pulled the plug. Let's dive deeper into the options that are still available and what will come as a replacement exclusively

Translate Dutch website

If you already have an established Dutch website it is sometimes attractive to translate it. With a new language you can open up other markets and ensure that you can reach new customers. Another language such as English or Spanish also has a global reach that you can reach in this way. Below you will learn how to translate a website or have it translated. And whether you need to register another domain name to do so.Translating an existing website has many advantages and is also less costly than

Measuring the mobile performance of your website

To see exactly which device a user is using on your website you can take the following steps within Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity. Mobile traffic can differ per website and you can optimize for it in the following way. A satisfied mobile user can be just as valuable as a user who comes to your website on a desktop. Purchases are made very often with Mobile devices it doesn't matter if you have a webshop for goods or sell software. In recent years these boundaries are also blurred by for

PHP 8 with MariaDB hosting

The latest technology for PHP 8 hosting with MariaDB databases are possible at MijnHostingPartner.nl. With these two technologies you ensure that your website is not only as fast as possible. But also with the latest security features. With these two technologies you can run a WordPress website and many other projects built in PHP in the best way possible. Let's take a look at what you can achieve with these two technologies!The advantages of MijnHostingPartner.nl and keeping up with the latest

First milestones of your website

With all the work that can go into a website it may be good for morale to set some milestones and celebrate them with your staff. A website may have the goal of increasing conversion rates attracting more visitors or simply setting a content milestone. Whatever your website looks like making your business more visible online often takes a lot of work. This blog post is about how to deal with the small or big successes your website has already achieved. Let's get started.A website can be considered

Page Experience Update from Google

Google is bringing out another update for its search engine algorithm in this update there are a few issues that are in focus. We want to cover these in this blog post. The update is already in the works and will be fully rolled out in August.Google like every other search engine does not stand still when it comes to search. Google's goal is to show more and more relevant search results. And to show the best websites. They do this by considering more than 200 factors on your website. And this is

Track SEO trends

SEO trends are often terms that are very popular to search for a certain period some of these trends remain. But there are also search terms that disappear after a while. For example with the rise of hobby drones this first grew explosively and then levelled off. And a good example is a fidget spinner which was once the talk of the day and now has fallen into oblivion. These trends can often be used to attract more organic traffic for a period of time. Let's discuss this in this blog post.A trend

Work on a new website alongside your current website

If you have been running a website for a long time you might want to look at a different theme or try things out. For example for a new update or another content management system you want to try. Often it is not desirable to work on your current website or environment at the same time. Suppose something goes wrong you are far from home and need to work with a backup. Therefore do this in a safe place and use a subdomain. In this article we'll explain how you can use this to develop a new website

WordPress 5 8 update coming July 20

WordPress is one of the most widely used ways to create a website so every update to this software is of course interesting to keep track of whether you are using WordPress or not. In this update of WordPress a lot of things are added and shaken up again. So let's quickly start with all the highlights of this update.WordPress does not stand still over the years this has been demonstrated several times with major changes released and exciting developments. In this update a number of smaller updates