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WP fastest cache leak in over 1 million websites

With a popular caching plugin used by many webmasters it is now possible for malicious people to take over the website. It is therefore important that you act immediately if you are using the plug-in on your website. Read more about what can be done and how you can prevent this from happening on your website.A caching plugin in WordPress ensures that the website web hosting is static for users. This means that instead of the normal website files which can be interactive and therefore a bit heavier

Zero-Day-Leck in Apache-Servern

A security vulnerability occurs in any software program now also in version 2.4.49 of Apache. This vulnerability does not affect the servers or services of MijnHostingPartner.nl because we only offer Windows hosting. However we would like to bring this vulnerability to the attention of those who run their own Apache servers with this particular version. This is to notify them that action has been taken to address this issue. Read on for more information.The Apache Software Foundation warns of an

Stay up to date with WordPress updates

WordPress is one of the most popular methods for creating and maintaining a website. In this article we'll explain the best way to schedule this for yourself and how to do it safely. Read on to find out all the tips and tricks.With a WordPress website it's important to stay up to date. Whether it's updates for plugins updates for themes or updates for WordPress itself. There is already an option in WordPress to update these automatically. However we don't recommend enabling automatic updates for

Aftercare of a website

After you have put your website live then of course you may think that your work is done. However nothing could be further from the truth. A website always requires attention with installing updates creating new content and keeping up with mundane website things like replying to emails. In this article we'll cover everything that comes after putting a website live. Let's get started!A website is easy to make these days however there is often a lot of work involved before you have it to your satisfaction.

Troubleshooting error messages

With MijnHostingPartner.nl hosting you are free to work with a large number of different code languages. Whether you program your website manually or work with a content management system for your website. You can choose between different ASP.NET versions PHP versions and the corresponding code languages like Javascript HTML and CSS. However for many projects or handmade websites you will encounter error messages over time. In this blog post we'll explain the basics of troubleshooting error messages

Secure mailing

Sending and receiving emails is a daily activity for many. When creating and maintaining a website you have to deal with it even more than usual. With an email account you want to ensure secure email traffic. Personal information customer information and many other sensitive topics are shared in the mail. That's why it's important to secure email addresses not only from the outside but also from the inside. We cover this in this blog post.Secure email between you and your colleagues is important

New search engine from the makers of Brave

There are many different search engines you can use to find the information you are looking for on the internet. The lord and master of this is of course Google which controls more than 95 percent of the search engine share and not only in the Netherlands. But almost every country. So does a new search engine still have a chance to get on the map? Let's discuss this in this blog post.Search engines are known to everyone which first started as startup sites that everyone used. This has grown into

Restoring a Web Site from a Backup

We always recommend creating backups of your hosting space but how does actually restoring a website from a backup file work? We'll explain that in more detail in this blog post. We will discuss what files you may be facing and how it works to restore them.A website may need to be restored from a backup for many different reasons. This can be due to human error like deleting a page or post. Or due to the installation of an incorrect update. Restoring a backup may also be necessary if you change

Security of your Email accounts

With a company email account you want to be sure that your email messages are not on the street. That's why we at MijnHostingPartner.nl have taken measures to ensure that your email is and stays safe. Read all about it in this blog post!Email is and remains an important means of communication for anyone working on a website and even for daily use. With an email address from MijnHostingPartner.nl you can be assured that your email really stays in your hands. You pay us for the email service and therefore