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Support & Uptime

Support & Uptime


If you purchase Managed WordPress from MijnHostingPartner.nl you can be sure that you have the highest uptime for your WordPress website. This is partly due to our special servers and our own Application Pool. This ensures that your website is alone and is more resistant to many visitors and large spikes. Thanks to our special servers in both Utrecht, Amsterdam and Arnhem, your website can be reached quickly anywhere in the world and you are on internet hubs all over the world. Because of all these advantages you can be sure that you don't miss any customers or opportunities!

Uptime monitoring

We also have an uptime monitor that ensures that if something goes wrong we can respond immediately. This will however hardly ever happen thanks to our protected updates of plugins and version updates. The Uptime monitoring is available from our WordPress 15 package. This gives you the extra piece of mind to ensure that you always have priority treatment and that we are immediately notified of any error message.


If you have any questions about WordPress or the hosting itself you can always contact MijnHostingPartner.nl. With our long experience with WordPress itself and hosting thousands of WordPress websites over the years we are your partner for this. But how can you reach us for questions? To keep our prices for the packages as affordable as possible we use the online chat and ticket system. The first questions are always via the online chat where you can get immediate answers to your questions. If the question is deeper or needs more time to be answered we refer you to the ticket system. Then the second line will always pick it up with an average response time of less than 3 hours!

Total support is also available to all our customers. Here you can request additional work such as optimizing your WordPress website to make it even faster than what it already is with our hosting! We can also take over your screen for a while to help you set up a mail account. Mail is of course also an important part of contacting customers.