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Managed updates

Managed updates

Always an updated WordPress website (and plugins)

Managed updates of WordPress means that we at MijnHostingPartner.nl take care of everything regarding the updates of both plugins and versions of WordPress. This gives you the freedom and peace of mind to not have to worry about this. We take over every technical aspect of your WordPress website.

You probably don't like to constantly update your current WordPress website. If you don't do this you risk that the website can be taken over by malicious people. Something your hard work will be wasted with. MijnHostingPartner.nl takes a large number of measures to ensure that your website is always online and secure. We check every moment of the day for updates of your favorite plug-ins and themes and always know to update them as soon as possible.

How do the updates work?

We can make all changes and updates through our control panel. This ensures that besides an update a backup is also made with a rollback possibility. If, for example, a plugin is no longer supported in the latest version of WordPress then action will be taken automatically. Screenshots are also made for us to review afterwards. It may be that an image is missing or that a menu bar is no longer correct because of an update. We can also roll this back automatically.

Want to know more about what we can do for you for your WordPress website hosting? Please contact us via chat or via a ticket. Our colleagues will make sure your questions are answered.