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Reseller Support

Reseller Support

Reseller hosting support

Of course it is important that Resellers are helped quickly because their own customers are also waiting for answers. At MijnHostingPartner.nl you have 2 forms of communication. This is our online chat for quick questions and the first point of contact. The online chat is available from 9 to 6 on Monday to Friday and from 9 to 5 on Saturday. So you can always contact us during office hours for any questions.

For more extensive issues, we have the ticket system in the customer panel. This is a way to keep the information centralized and provide clear solutions in a fast manner. Tickets from Resellers are therefore given extra urgency and in most cases are handled immediately.

There is also a fault number available in the evening hours and in the weekends. There are also SLAs available which can be ordered during the ordering process or requested later.

Contact with MijnHostingPartner.nl

MijnHostingPartner.nl uses a fixed team of Dutch employees for support. Because you will always get the same people on the chat or in the tickets, we know what we can expect from each other and who you should contact for the best solution. We see Resellers more as colleagues than customers and we always aim for a long relationship!

Reseller support