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What to do when the letterbox is full?

What to do when the letterbox is full?

What to do when the letterbox is full?

If your mailbox is full, it's important to act quickly so that you don't miss any important emails. A full mailbox can lead to incoming messages being rejected and you missing important messages. At MijnHostingPartner.com, we know how frustrating this can be and we can help you manage your mailbox.

How much storage space do you have available in your e-mail address?

The storage space you have available for your e-mail address depends on the e-mail hosting or regular hosting package you have chosen at MijnHostingPartner.com. For our basic packages, we usually offer a generous amount of storage space, but for businesses or users with higher requirements, there are also packages with extra storage capacity.

It's always a good idea to check your current package and see if it still meets your needs. What you should bear in mind is that your email address is automatically created with 1 GB of storage space, but you have free rein to increase or decrease this yourself. As long as you do not exceed the total size of your package. For example, with a standard total package with a total of 25 GB storage space, you can use 5 GB for your website and divide the remaining 20 GB between your email addresses. For most users, 5 GB of mail storage space is enough for years of mail.

Increase or expand your email address space

If you find that you regularly reach the limits of your mailbox, then increasing your storage space is a logical step. At MijnHostingPartner.nl you can easily order additional storage space. You do this by ordering the add-on for the desired extra storage space via My Products.

What to do when the letterbox is full?

This way you ensure that you always have enough space for all your important e-mails.

If you still have space in your package, you can easily increase the storage space of the e-mail address in the following way under My products. https://www.mijnhostingpartner.nl/client/knowledgebase/algemeen/algemene-vragen/e-mailbox-vergroten/ Are you with another provider and have reached your limits? Then buy an email package for private and business use and import your existing emails with just 3 clicks! Switching has never been so easy!

Clean out your mailbox

Another effective way to free up space in your mailbox is to tidy it up. Start by deleting old emails that you no longer need, e.g. newsletters, promotional letters and old attachments. Because the chances are very slim that you will still need that one newsletter from the appie from the second week of August 2018. Don't forget to empty the recycle bin and the "Sent items" folder. If you tidy up your inbox regularly, you will not only free up storage space, but also keep your inbox tidy.

Clear insight into the use of your webmail storage space

At MijnHostingPartner.nl you can easily see how much storage space you are currently using via webmail. Log in to your webmail and go to Settings or Account information. Here you will see an overview of your storage space usage, including details of which folders take up the most space.

This allows you to decide which emails or folders you can delete to free up space. By following these steps, you can effectively deal with a full mailbox and ensure that you are always available for important messages. Do you still have questions or need help? Please contact our support department. We are ready to help you!