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Useful apps for webmasters

Useful apps for webmasters

Useful apps for webmasters

As soon as you run a website on MijnHostingPartner.nl hosting, you want to be able to see the statistics on your phone, and respond to requests that come in. In this blog post we discuss a number of useful apps that are suitable for every webmaster to use. Read on!

Most webmasters will work from an office with a desktop PC or Mac, however, there are also many who do it from the laptop or any location imaginable. With the rise of working from home and also the digital nomad movement of the last few years. There are many people and webmasters who have a dynamic workspace. However, with a hosting account and package, you can also monitor and take care of many things with your phone when you are on the road for once. This is what MijnHostingPartner.co.uk has written this article for, with a combination of our own experience that we have with this, and listening to customers report their favorite apps to us. Have we compiled this list to start using, also for your websites.

A home for all your email - Spark

As employees of MijnHostingPartner.nl we have seen quite a few mail programs and apps pass by. For our own use, for processing in the knowledge base and the support we provide to customers. Now the mail from MijnHostingPartner.nl is easy to set up and use for a lot of email clients. However, the favorite has become the Spark email app. With its convenient settings and smart inbox you can easily keep track of multiple email accounts. And sort through your email at lightning speed. Email management is an important part of any website. As webmaster you receive important email every day, and a lot of unimportant email as well. With Spark you can fly through this in no time. Spark is available for Android, IOS and MacOSX. Spark is also working on a Windows version, which we are looking forward to using.

Google Analytics to keep track of what happens on your website

Google Analytics also has a handy app that can be used to keep track of what is happening on your website. With almost all the features that the browser version also has, you can use the app to quickly check what happened over the weekend. For example, the number of users, which pages were the most popular and your conversion goals that can be set. Of course you need to create the Google Analytics tag within your website, do this via the Google Tag Manager to optimize speed.

Setting up scheduled tasks for events on your web hosting

Within the control panel you can set Scheduled tasks, this will sound familiar to most customers. However, you can also send an email with a certain action. This way you can check if your website is running properly, and you can set a lot of extra options for this. For example, you can call a script that cleans up the database at the same time. The sky is the limit.

Keep notes - or similar note app

Notes are important to keep for a lot of things, also for your website. With a blog, production website, portfolio and virtually any other website. Do you often have to deal with writing content in the form of blog posts, new articles and you name it. Often these ideas for new content don't come all at once. Therefore, if you come across something that would be a nice idea, it is advisable to install a notes app for this. This way you can't forget about every fun new idea for your hosting!

Podcast app - always stay up to date with the latest news

Mainly a media outlet of the last few years, the podcast is a great medium to stay up to date on the latest technology for SEO, general Webmaster matters and anything else you are interested in. With a podcast you can listen to this while working, while cooking dinner or while traveling. A handy tip is to keep the notes app open next to it!

Use Spotify, Google Podcasts or your favorite app for this. And instead of the podcasts you already listen to, search for terms like "SEO", "WordPress", "Internet Marketing" and so on. Listen to a few and we can guarantee you've found a new pastime. Provided, of course, that you have a passion for the world of Internet Marketing and building websites.

Social media apps used for your website

Furthermore, it is also advisable to install any Social Media apps that you use for your website on your phone as well. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are all platforms that are used to generate website traffic. However, it is also a platform that promotes fast content, quick responses and fleeting connections. It is therefore important to be able to respond quickly to these. And the social media apps are, of course, extremely suitable for this.

What are your favorite apps to use for your websites? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!