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Starting your own mail account

Starting your own mail account

Starting your own mail account

A domain's own mail account is not only easy at MijnHostingPartner.nl, but also quick to set up on any device. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of having your own mail account!

Benefits of having your own mail account

The benefits of having your own mail account are many, when you start your own business then a mail account is one of the first steps. You want to be able to get in touch with customers, suppliers and so on in a lot of different ways. If you do this with a free email account such as a gmail.com or outlook.com account then you do not radiate professionalism. This is because first of all a lot of SPAM comes in to such companies from free mail accounts. And you do not identify yourself as an official company. But more like a hobby project.

A private email address brings you in most cases further in a company than another email address. And as soon as you order something on a web shop and then receive a confirmation from another email address that has nothing to do with the website, then you are questioning this yourself.

Furthermore, you are completely free to choose the name of your email address that will appear in front of the monkey's tail. Use your full name, or an abbreviation, or a general name like info to communicate with customers. The domain name behind the monkey's tail is thus to capture with the domain name registration of the emailhosting.

Where can an email account be set up?

An email account can be set up locally in almost any program. We mean on your phone in a favorite mail app or on the laptop or computer within Outlook, for example. This allows you to use an environment that you are already familiar with and your colleagues can also quickly work in. If you just want to use our webmail then this is also possible. That is always accessible via thehosting webmail.mijnhostingpartner.nl. And can be worked with quickly without having to first set the email address in a local program.

For almost every popular mail program we have a manual in our knowledge base so it can be easily followed to set up. So you have a mail account quickly set up in your favorite program!

Complete control over your data

With a free email address you are the product that can be sold. In other words, your data in the mail is used to serve you advertisements and suggestions for products and services. With your own email address at MijnHostingPartner.nl you have complete control over your data and email address. This gives you the assurance that no data is resold or used by third parties.

This is not only fine for a company email, but of course also for a personal email address. So it is not only a godsend for companies. But also for all personal mail that you want to have under your own control.

SPAM protection and built-in security

SPAM is something that always occurs with a mail account. This can not only be annoying but can also spread harmful software. With our built-in SPAM filtering you can select what happens to a certain message that gets such a SPAM score. After this it is possible to catch it and move it directly to the trash. We recommend to first move it to the trash instead of deleting it immediately. So that a check can be done on this.

Furthermore, it also automatically scans for malicious software. And a message will not be opened in its entirety if it contains suspicious files. This is the best way to protect yourself against SPAM and malicious software.

Advanced settings and control

Our mail accounts also allow for advanced actions and settings. More than you could do with any other mail account. For example, you can have a DMARC and DKIM certificate in the DNS records. These are settings that make it possible to add extra handshakes to all mail traffic. So your messages are more secure, but also the mail you receive is extra checked.

All these settings can be adjusted in the control panel and in our new customer panel. And we also have explanations in our knowledge base. So we always try to make the advanced steps easy to follow for somewhat inexperienced customers.

Do you also want your own mail address with your own domain name? Then take an email package or one of our total packages. For a competitive price you already have your own email address!