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Mail workflow - Organization in your email

Mail workflow - Organization in your email

Mail workflow - Organization in your email

There are a lot of different ways you can set up and manage your email, at MijnHostingPartner.nl you have complete control over this. Let's take a look at how your email addresses can be set up and created, and how to keep order in the chaos. Check out all the tips now!

How your email is set up

Your email addresses themselves can also be set up to suit your needs. The most common email addresses that are maintained are almost always the standard info@ address. Or contact@ which is used for this purpose. With these email addresses you can always go far, and for many this only needs to be created.

However, if you want something more personal, this can also be changed to your first name or a combination of your first and last name. For example frank@ or f.myhostingpartner@, those formats are often used for this. And since you often have to pass an email address on the phone, it is often advisable to choose the easiest version for this.

Some companies also choose to take a more informal approach, putting just the general address at hey@ or hi@, for example. This may not be the most appropriate choice for a funeral home. So tailor this to your target audience and business.

Multiple mail accounts within your company

If you want to create multiple mail accounts within your company, then MijnHostingPartner.nl offers unlimited possibilities. So if you want to set up an email address for each colleague individually, this is certainly possible. Your only limit is your package size. But you can easily oversee this as domain administrator on your email address. You can then see at a glance the space that each individual account occupies.

Every colleague having his own email address generally works best for everyone, but you can also choose to share accounts. Such as an email address for support@, helpdesk@, invoices@, and so on. However, what email is also often used for is to divide tasks among each other, this is probably a bit more difficult with a shared email address. But of course you can also create different folders to divide tasks.

Where your email address is set

There are a lot of different programs and ways to work with an email address, what it ultimately often comes down to is what you are most familiar with. And for a lot of users, that's either Outlook or Apple Mail. However, you don't have to purchase or install anything further at all by using our webmail. In it you can get fully up and running with your email address, and even view and edit your calendar.

However, if you want to get started with a local application you can do so in the program of your choice. Besides Outlook and Apple mail, you can also use EMclient, Thunderbird and regular Windows mail. As well as many other options. There is a good chance that we have already worked out all the steps for you in our knowledge base. This will guide you with screenshots and other visuals to make sure everyone can set up a mail address.

Besides installing or maintaining your email address on the computer or laptop, you can also easily maintain and set up the email address on your phone. The advantage of this is that you can access your email hosting from anywhere, and also often keep track of and organize incoming mail a little better.

Keeping order in your Inbox

To organize your mailbox everyone has their own way, for example, for someone it works perfectly to leave everything in the inbox and process it. And for someone else, it's easiest to divide each task into its own folder. The most important thing we can pass along in this is to try to keep it organized. And instead of putting all your projects in one folder for example, divide them even further. So you can often find the right one at a glance.

We also recommend not to subscribe to every newsletter, things like notifications from Funda and other private matters often do not have the best place in your business email address. However, you can keep up to date within your market of developments and news, for example. But always try to limit this. After all, it would not be good if by receiving many newsletters you overlook just that one client's request.

So for anyone who has trouble setting up their email, the mail from MijnHostingPartner.nl allows you to do this entirely to your liking. Get your package now to start using your own email addresses right away!