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ClouDNS what advantages does this bring

ClouDNS what advantages does this bring

ClouDNS what advantages does this bring

MijnHostingPartner.nl and all its partners have had a global DNS solution for some time now which puts us ahead of the competition in this area. In cooperation with ClouDNS we have achieved this and would like to explain in this blog post what advantages this may have for your DNS.

What is DNS?

DNS makes sure people can reach you with your email address, enter the domain name for your website instead of an IP address. And a number of verification methods such as Google Search Console. With a DNS record you can ensure that a website is accessible, and that visitors can easily reach your services or hosting package. DNS can be served locally from 1 location worldwide, which is for example the case with many other hosting parties. Or it can be offered to users worldwide. MijnHostingPartner.nl is proud that we can offer this worldwide through our cooperation with ClouDNS.

What is the advantage of a global DNS solution?

The main advantage of global DNS hosting is that DNS can be served anytime, anywhere within milliseconds. This ensures better results for the end user and an almost instant connection to a website as soon as it is requested. Also, because of the global locations, the DNS is always available in a different location due to, for example, unrest or natural causes in a country. This means visitors can always reach your website from the country of origin. Or via another country where your DNS is also hosted. An advantage can always be gained with for example the tool DNS checker.

Here you can always check if your website is available worldwide, by default the A record is checked. This is the record where your website or domain name can be reached from any browser in the browser bar. Where for example from the picture the domain name MijnDemoPartner.nl is used. MijnDemoPartner.nl can therefore simply be entered in the browser bar without having to take any extra steps.

A global DNS solution is of course only useful if any changes can also be implemented quickly at any location. At MijnHostingPartner.nl it is possible to change a DNS record directly from the customer panel, then the change is not only directly implemented in the Netherlands. But worldwide. Any changes you make here are thus rapidly processed around the world. However, this is always a matter of giving it some time. Adding a Google TXT record, for example, can be done very quickly, but with another party it is always a question of whether they recognize this record yet. Therefore, direct changes are active very quickly, but it can take up to 3 ~ 6 hours before this is also processed. Unfortunately, this is no different.

From which countries is the DNS served?

DNS is offered by us in cooperation with ClouDNS on the following locations:

  • South Africa - Johannesburg
  • Australia - Sydney
  • Japan - Tokyo
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • India - Mumbai
  • Brazil
  • Canada - Montreal
  • United States - Chicago
  • United States - Atlanta
  • United States - Asheville
  • United States - Ashburn
  • United States - Buffalo
  • United States - New York
  • United States - Dallas: Colocrossing
  • United States - Dallas: Psychz Networks
  • United States - Seattle
  • United States - Los Angeles
  • Turkey - Istanbul
  • Bulgaria - Sofia
  • Italy - Milan
  • Switzerland - Lausanne
  • United Kingdom - London
  • Sweden - Stockholm
  • Ukraine - Kiev
  • Russia - Moscow
  • France - Paris
  • Germany - Nuremberg
  • Germany - Frankfurt
  • Netherlands - Steenbergen & our own datacenters in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

So the list of global locations is a long one, and all these data centers ensure that your DNS records are accessible from anywhere in the world. This is of course ideal for anyone looking for a reliable solution, who besides being fast, can also deliver a very high uptime of the DNS.

ClouDNS what advantages does this bring

Last addition to the list, DNS now also hosted in Spain!

Last month we also added a datacenter in Spain, so the DNS is now also available there faster because of the local storage location. So also for Spanish websites or Dutch people going on vacation, the DNS records are available very fast.

The DNS is standard active in each package of MijnHostingPartner.nl, and here are no additional add ons needed to purchase. Of course this is ideal if you want to be in the first place with the DNS results for your services. Order your DNS hosting package now and start using it right away.