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.NET core 3.0 is coming, what's new?

.NET core 3.0 is coming, what's new?

.NET core 3.0 is coming, what's new?

If you've been using ASP.NET hosting for any length of time then you may have heard this, as .NET core 3.0 is coming and of course that's great news if you work with this. In this blog post we are going to cover what exactly is new in .NET core 3.0

Speed and ease of use

One of the most important features is that there is a significant improvement in speed. This applies not only to visual studio itself but also to your website. So you have a hosting that runs really fast with a beautiful website.

Not only the speed has improved but also the ease of use of programming in C# has been made easier. There will be less error messages to pop up. This makes it easier for e.g. students to learn C#.

Another feature that we find interesting is that you can now develop and test your website locally with C# and Razor. This way you can test your web application locally so you can possibly see where it goes wrong.This is very useful for debugging but also for if you are a student, then you can easily develop your website locally. If you are interested in this you can download a preview version via the following link: Download asp.net 3.0

Does MijnHostingPartner support ASP.NET?

At MijnHostingPartner we certainly support ASP.NET hosting, for only 2.49 euros per month you will have your own ASP.NET package. You can also run different Content Management Systems on this like DotNetNuke, OchardCMS or Umbraco hosting.

We recommend using Umbraco because it is a very flexible and easy CMS. Many content management systems are only suitable for a blog or a web shop. Umbraco excels in its flexibility, it can be used in all directions. Whether you want a blog or a web shop, with Umbraco it is all possible. This makes Umbraco an excellent CMS for ASP.NET.

Another CMS called DotNetNuke is also a good alternative to Umbraco because it is also a very flexible CMS. DotNetNuke also offers the possibility of different versions and even has a premium variant. So you have plenty of choice for different versions that suit your hosting.

If you have any questions about this topic you can always check if a chat is available. If there is no one on the chat then you can always create a ticket to our helpdesk.