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NET 6 now available

NET 6 now available

NET 6 now available

Microsoft has released .NET 6 this week, this stable, fast and versatile framework can be used for any application on any device. And at MijnHostingPartner.nl you can use it for all your web development needs. Let's take a look at what makes .NET 6 special and how you can use it for your next project.

With .NET 6 you can be sure that your next project or website will be supported for at least 3 years and will be able to run without any major actions as .NET 6 is LTS or long term support which means it will be supported longer than a short beta update. With our .NET 6 hosting we require stability to be able to offer this to you as our customer. Therefore we are excited to support the next .NET version for your next project.

New functionality and updates to .NET 6

Just like in previous versions, there are a lot of changes, fixes and improvements to .NET 6. Let's cover these below.

  • Hot Reload, it is now possible to apply changes to Razor, C# and CSS source files without re-building or restarting the app.
  • Minimal APIs, creating a new ASP.NET Core app is just a few lines of code with C# and simplified hosting model.
  • Asynch streaming: Asynchronously stream data from your server without the need for buffering.
  • IAsynchDisposable: Support for this on components and controllers.
  • Bootstrap 5.1, .NET 6 now comes with Bootstrap 5.1 to make sure you can use the latest design on your website.
  • Null-state analysis, this is now on by default on all ASP.NET Core templates.
  • CSS isolation for pages and views, Scope CSS styles to specific pages or views using .cshtml.css files.
  • Javascript modules, Place related Javascript modules next to pages, views and components using .cshtml.js and .razor.js files.
  • Blazor improvements, many parts of Blazor have been improved and taken care of. Applications made with it are more versatile and faster than ever.

Growing with .NET 6

.NET 6 is ready to take on some serious projects, with its many improvements and even faster performance it is the option for your next project. With a lot of different types of code languages and ways to use the framework it is a versatile way to create a website. Whether you are working with familiar tools like Javascript, or moving on to Razor and Blazor to achieve your goals. The interesting thing about the new methods is often that they are faster and more efficient to work with, and a lot of components work seamlessly with the latest internet browsers.

This way you can create very slick websites that offer functionality that PHP, for example, cannot. Like showing server requests and direct actions. Web pages do not have to be reloaded to show information. A mega advantage that was previously achievable with for example Ajax and JavaScript. But not on the same scale was so easy to implement. This way you create the best websites that are suitable for the most diverse devices and purposes. v

Integration in Umbraco and NopCommerce

Of course Umbraco and NopCommerce will also integrate .NET 6 into their Content Management Systems, this will ensure that the latest features in the popular content management systems can also be used. When exactly this will become available is not yet known, when it does we will of course post about it in our blog posts. Umbraco and NopCommerce remain the most popular Content Management Systems made in .NET, and are of course able to run with our .NET 6 Hosting packages. Check out our packages now to make your choice!