Control panel update November 6, 2023

26-10-2023 10:08

Dear Customer, update 9-11-2023

The update of the Control Panel is still in progress and is proceeding successfully, however, per server it takes longer than previous updates and thus takes more time. Websites and other services are not affected. However, error messages may still follow when you want to access the filemanager or websites on some servers.

As the schedule looks now, all servers will be up and running this week. We will post another update in this announcement when more is known.

Thanks in advance for your patience

Best regards,

The team of

Dear Customer, Update 6-11-2023

We are still working on the Control Panel and this will continue tomorrow.
Websites and the Control Panel can be accessed as normal, and there is no indication that any websites are down due to the work. So if your website is down then something else is going on.

Kind regards,

The team of

Dear Customer,

On November 6, 2023 we will perform an extensive update of the Control Panel. This work will take all day and may continue on November 7. Specific developments will be mentioned in this announcement as soon as they are known.

This Control Panel update will be installed on a server-by-server basis. This means that not all servers will be affected at the same time, but this will take place server by server. The servers will also have to be rebooted.

For you as a customer this means that some functions via the Control Panel cannot be executed on November 6. In addition, your website may be temporarily unavailable. Of course we strive to keep any downtime as short as possible.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Kind regards,

The team of