(Upcoming) Datacenter Relocation - December 2013

30-11-2013 10:57

Dear customer,

As we already informed you through the announcement and FAQ halfway through this year, you might experience some inconvenience regarding our services in the coming weeks. Due to explosive growth over the past year, we are forced to expand our services and move to a new data center. We will try to carry out the move in phases and during the night so that you will experience as little disruption as possible.

Regarding the move, we will keep you updated via announcements in the coming weeks.

Phase 1:
Delivery of new co-location AMS 5 last weekend of November (29-11 tm 01-12). The cabinets will be equipped with power units and new firewalls will be installed. Also, the first tests with regard to connections will be performed.
Phase 2: Make connection with AMS 4 (Telecity 4) whereby migration/storage server will be placed and put into operation. These activities will take place during the first weekend of December (09 tm 11-12).
Phase 3: In the third phase which will take place in the second weekend of December (16 tm 18-12) the mail servers, the control panel, MySQL 4 and the website mijnwebshoppartner.nl will be moved from AMS 4 to AMS 5. Of course, this will happen at night at a time when it is known that there is hardly any traffic over the servers. The downtime will be at most two hours.
Phase 4: During the third weekend of December (20 to 22 December) the exchange servers, web servers S029, S031, S032, S041, S042, S046, S047, S048, S056, S057, S061, S062, S070, S071, S076 Statistics Server, VPS112 to VPS120 and MySQL 5 will be moved.
Phase 5: In the last weekend of December (27 to 29 December), the remaining web servers, MySQL servers, SQL servers and all servers related to cloud solutions will be moved.

Of course, by that time we will keep you informed through our knowledge center about the status of the move and the exact times when this will take place.

For a tour of the new data center you can watch the video below.

For the first quarter of 2014 we can also inform you that we will be using a co-location of Telecity (Powergate) in London. Negotiations for this have almost been finalized. For a video tour of the data center in London, please watch the video below.

If you have any questions at this stage about the move and future services in London you can always send an email to info@mijnpartnergroep.nl or see if anyone is on the online chat. On weekdays during office hours there is almost always someone available to answer your questions.