Solved: Misuse of mailservers leads to delay (web)mail

28-06-2014 15:38
Update: 18:53

Problem has been fixed. All mail traffic is running at normal speed again.

Dear customer,

At this moment there is abuse of and on our mailservers. Because of this the spoolers are getting full which makes mail handling slow. It seems as if mail is not offered. This does happen but then delayed. There are no mails lost. Our technical department is doing its utmost to get this malfunction (abuse) under control.

The spooler is now almost empty so the mail service will slowly start up again.

There is a structural solution available for this kind of abuse which will probably be implemented next week. For the future we hope to prevent this kind of situation.

We apologize for this inconvenience and hope that the mail facilities will work again as they should.