Security customization mail (accounts)

14-10-2013 11:22

Dear Customer,

Recently we have had a lot of trouble with 'blacklisting'. As a provider, we are blacklisted and mail sent to these servers is blocked because it is marked as SPAM.

An important reason for this is that there is a lot of abuse of our mail servers. Too many mails are sent at once from a single address. Due to the many abuses we have recently restricted this so that it is no longer possible to send more than 30 recipients in one mail. If you have more mail you need to cut it up or use a mail program that does this automatically for you.

Another reason for abuse is that many accounts are hacked. Other individuals then abuse your account to send mail. Often this is because the passwords used are too simple. Passwords like 'test123' or '12345' are too simple and can easily be cracked. To prevent this type of abuse, we have introduced the requirement that passwords must at least consist of a capital letter, a number, a foreign character and at least 5 characters. We also ask you not to use the same password for each mail account.

To help you pick a good password, we have built a password generator for you. You can find it here:

If you have any questions about the security change, you can always send an email to, create a ticket through the customer panel or see if someone from the online chat is available. On weekdays during business hours the helpdesk staff is almost always available to answer your questions. thanks you very much for your understanding!