Security adjustment ftp (accounts)

22-12-2013 09:10

Dear Customer,

Lately we have had more problems with websites being hacked. We have investigated this and have come to the conclusion that this vaguely happened through ftp accounts with passwords that were too simple. This we have a security adjustment to the ftp passwords had to implement.

When you want to connect via ftp you must first set a new password. To do this go to the control panel -> ftp accounts -> click on the name of the ftp account. There you remove the black dots and enter the same password twice, which have the following criteria:
* A capital
* A foreign character (example: ! @ # $ % ^)
* At least 5 characters

Finally, click on the "save" button and then you can login again as usual via ftp, and your website is also more secure against hacking.

ps: To help you pick a good password, we have built a password generator for you. You can find it through the following link: thank you very much for your understanding!