New Procedure for transferring .eu domain names as of 21-11-2012

21-11-2012 15:29

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As of today, the authorization code for a .eu domain can be requested from your current registrar. The authorisation code that is provided is only valid for 40 days. The code expires when the transfer is completed.

If your current provider is no longer active or for any other reason cannot provide the authorization code, EURid offers an alternative method via the whois service at Note that this is not the standard procedure and the code should in principle be requested through the registrar.

If a move or transfer was requested before November 21 but not yet completed, then the current procedure will be followed: the owner has 14 days to confirm the request. If this is not done in time, the request will be rejected and will have to be re-submitted, this time with an authorization code

In order to activate the changes described above, EURid has inserted a maintenance window. On November 21, it will not be possible to request or manage .eu domains between 0:00 and 9:00. After 9:00 the new procedure for transfers and removals will be active.

On Wednesday, November 21, EURid puts new procedures for transfers and transfers (change of owner) of .eu domains into effect. Validation is no longer done via email or fax, but with an authorization code. Because it is no longer necessary to wait for confirmation by the domain owner, the change is active immediately, without additional waiting time.

If there are any questions you can always ask via the chat or ticket system or send an email to