Announcement of Emergency Maintenance on the Night of 1607 to 1707

16-07-2014 08:48
Dear Customer,

We need to perform emergency maintenance on certain servers. This maintenance will commence around noon tonight and end around 03:00. The following servers will have some downtime.

Webservers: S066 - S074 - S075 - S077 -S078 - S079 - S080 - S081 -S087 (brief maintenance, at most one hour)

All MS SQL Servers (longer maintenance, at most three hours)
Webservers: S023 - S025 -S028 (longer maintenance, at most three hours)

We will try to complete the work as quickly as possible so that you will experience as little inconvenience as possible. Websites will not be visible during this maintenance. There will be no loss of data.

If you have any questions, please let us know. You can ask questions via the chat which you can find on our website or just send an email to