How quickly will my questions be answered?

Almost all questions are handled on the same day (including weekends). We try to handle all questions within 2 hours, only on weekends this can be a bit longer.

Sometimes questions are asked that are not directly related to our hosting but to the operation, or rather, not working of the site you are working on. Almost always it is something that has not been set up or transferred properly by the customer. These are questions that we then really have to dive into.

Sometimes it is like looking for a needle in a haystack and it is therefore unrealistic to expect us to solve such questions immediately. We try to be of service as soon as possible, but sometimes an answer answer takes a little longer. We hope you have understanding for this .

For more extensive work it may be that extra costs are charged because we also need to put in time. Before we start these activities and charge the extra costs we always indicate this in the ticket and ask if we agree with it and what it will cost.

After this, the invoice is created and when it is paid the work will be performed. We will always ask you to give a signal in the ticket when you have paid it. Also you have a possibility to use Total support, you can request this via the ticket system.