What is DNSSEC?

Recently, we have been getting more and more questions about what exactly DNSSEC means. DNSSEC stands for Domain Name System Security Extensions.A normal DNS record is actually a translation of your domain name to an IP address.This IP address refers to the server where you have this domain running and therefore your domain can be loaded.

DNSSEC actually provides an additional signature on the DNS records.The signature makes it possible to check whether the DNS record is authentic.Spoofing DNS is therefore no longer possible.

In DNS spoofing malicious users attack the cache memory of a DNS table so that certain websites no longer refer to the correct IP address.The website you will see often looks like the website you wanted to go to but certain content has been changed.Here you can think of payment information that is modified or your login information is stored.At MijnHostingPartner the DNSSEC is activated by default for your website so your visitors will not be misled.

Of course it can be that DNSSEC has to be disabled for you. This can be requested via our ticket system.You need to specify for which domain you want it disabled.We will then take care of it and let you know when it is ready.

DNSSEC is not something we can change in the control panel. If you just want to change your DNS records you can do that in the following way: Where can I manage my DNS records?

If you want to check if DNSSEC is enabled you can do so on the following page: Check DNSSEC

What is DNSSEC?