Manually restore the backup of your website

In this article, we will assume that you have already made the backup of your website/hosting space. What we will focus on in this article is restoring the backup and getting the site operational again.
The backup tool we use is the control panel backup tool. It makes a full space backup so there is no risk of missing anything, for example.

Tools needed to restore the backup:
  1. Filezilla /Filemanager control panel
  2. 7zip or similar zip file handler.
When you have created the backup it will be in the folder of your choice, you can download and save this file to your local pc.

Manually restore the backup of your websiteOnce

the file is downloaded you can go to the place where you saved it. You can select and extract it in the following way:
Manually restore the backup of your website

If you select the option "extract to ~~~~~~" it will be extracted into a folder.

After that you can open the folder you just created and we see the following files:
Manually restore the backup of your website
These files depend on your hosting space of course. You will know which files are from the website.

Here you see a screenshot of the files that are left after distinguishing which files you need. And unzipping them.

Manually restore the backup of your website

These are the files you will need to restore this. The following steps describe how to do this.

Step 1: Clean up your existing wwwroot for the backup

This can be done in the following way

Step 2: Restore the files from the backup.

You can use the file manager in the control panel or an FTP client such as FileZilla. We recommend using FileZilla for this.
When you connect in Filezilla and you have an empty folder wwwroot again you can do the following.

Manually restore the backup of your website

You see here the following situation, on the left are the local files of the folder wwwroot. (Backup)
On the right you see the hosting space open in FileZilla, you select the entire wwwroot on the left with CTRL+ A and then drag it to your hosting space on the right.

Depending on the size of the website and your internet connection it may take a while before the whole thing is uploaded.
If you get some files the message then you can select: Overwrite if source newer.

Once this is uploaded then the necessary files are present again. However, if you have a site with a database behind it then this will not work correctly yet. The backup of the database will first have to be restored.
This can be done in the following way via phpmyadmin.

After this the website is restored.

If you have further questions you can always see if there is someone on the online chat.
Or you can create a ticket in the customer panel.