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Web hosting costs

Web hosting costs

Web hosting costs

Web hosting costs

Setting up your own website is becoming increasingly popular. Where before only enthusiasts with a message and businesses had a website, now almost everyone wants their own domain to share their thoughts with the world. Especially with the rise of solutions like Wordpress web hosting , building your own site has been made very easy. The only skill you need to have is being able to write text. You don't even have to code anymore, because all the handy platforms and plug-ins will do that for you. This all sounds very good, but unfortunately there is still much uncertainty about the web hosting costs that need to be made for setting up a website. Therefore, this article provides a brief explanation of web hosting costs and what you can expect to spend when you want to start your own website.

What are web hosting costs?

Having a website costs money. Let's assume that you have already bought the domain name (often between € 5 and € 20), and that you are not using any paid plug-ins or premium WordPress themes. The only costs you have to pay in any case are web hosting fees. These are monthly fees, which you use to make sure your website stays online. You can think of it as the "bare rent" of your website. There are many companies from which you can purchase hosting.

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Well, now that you know that web hosting costs are the monthly costs that you pay for keeping a website up and running, let's find out how much you are actually going to spend.

How much does web hosting cost?

Web hosting costs can vary greatly from provider to provider. With some cheap providers you can have your website online for as little as € 3 per month, while with others you'll pay dozens of euros. It is important to know that with web hosting you generally get what you pay for. This means that when you choose a budget web hosting provider, you generally also get "budget" service. That doesn't have to be a problem if you know what you're doing with your website and don't need much help. But if you are a novice website builder, chances are you are going to need customer service more than once. Therefore, we at MijnHostingPartner.nl have managed to keep the costs down by not offering telephone support and an automatic administration system. With our online chat and ticket system we still manage to provide you with good support! And all that for €23,94 ex VAT per year in total!

Besides the difference in webhosting costs between cheap providers and service-oriented providers, there is another factor that affects your costs: which package you choose. Almost every provider offers different packages, each with its own specifications. This is logical, because the more visitors you get each month, the more "power" your site needs to load each visitor's website quickly. These packages can also vary from a few euros (a starting website) to hundreds of euros (a website with millions of monthly visitors).