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Update your website

Update your website

Update your website

Update your Website!

We say it often and we keep repeating it; update your website to avoid problems! With all content management systems, such as Wordpress and Joomla, it is essential that regular attention is paid to them. You are dealing with a CMS that is constantly evolving and where security vulnerabilities are found. With the latest update of PHP 7.1 for web hosting , older websites often cannot run on it anymore. This results in a 500 error message or a white page. This is quite easy to solve with our step-by-step plan in the knowledge base for WordPress web hosting.

The number one reason to keep your website up to date is security. If you don't pay attention to this then you run a great risk of your website being hacked by malicious persons. Often there are leaks from certain plugins or themes in older versions that are no longer supported. If you don't keep your website updated then you are actually asking for trouble. It is important to keep track of the latest updates, we recommend keeping an eye on the following sources for WordPress:



Often you also have newsletters you can become a member of, then you only have to read the emails. WordPress is easy to update from the administrator environment. Always make a backup before the update. If something goes wrong you can always revert back. In the knowledge base article you can find how to update WordPress.

The following source for Joomla you can use to keep an eye on updates:


Joomla can also be updated via the administrator environment or manually via FTP. Again, we have a Joomla updating article for this.

If you teach yourself to once a week / month to check if there are important updates, you can quickly apply them and you are not unnecessarily vulnerable to attacks. Good sense if you bring in income through your website.

Besides updating your website it is also wise to make a backup. This can be done with 1 click in the control panel. You can also create a scheduled task that automatically does this for you at a desired time: for example, every week. Remember that backups do take up space on your hosting space.