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Is web hosting necessary

Is web hosting necessary

Is web hosting necessary

In order to run a website you need web hosting, this is to ensure that your website is stable and protected against attacks. Read on for all the advantages of our web hosting!

Web hosting is characterized by the possibility to open up a website to be reached worldwide. MijnHostingPartner.nl ensures that your website is accessible on the Internet. However, it is not only webhosting that makes this possible. Registering a domain name is also an essential part of this.

No web hosting without a domain name

A web hosting package without a domain name is like a bowl of cereal without milk. It is possible but clearly missing something. The milk in this example is the domain name. With a domain name, the web hosting can be easily accessed through any internet browser, and simply enter for example MijnHostingPartner.nl, instead of an IP address such as (Standard local IP address). With a domain name you can also easily be found in search engines like Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo. And it can be easily remembered by visitors.

With the right domain name you also create some brand awareness. And you can also reach more people where necessary. Think of social media or other channels. Web hosting acts as the foundation and your domain name for the front door.

The choice of a domain name extension is then also worth considering. However, this often depends on your target audience. If you want to make a Dutch website, for example, then you quickly end up with a .nl domain. And if you want to be found worldwide, you can choose a .com domain. So think about where your target group is located and adjust your domain name extension accordingly.

What specifications are included in our web hosting packages?

A web hosting package comes in many shapes and sizes, at MijnHostingPartner.nl we have made it easy for you to choose the right package. With a clear layout and clear information you can see at a glance which package is right for you. And if you still have a question you can always come online to our chat. Our enthusiastic colleagues will be happy to help you make the right choice for your website.

Is web hosting necessary

For example, there are different packages for hosting a WordPress website, which is the most popular way to create and run a website. Or there are also packages for hosting Umbraco websites. If all this doesn't mean much to you then you can always opt for the SSD package which comes in two flavors. Where the only difference is the total available disk space. With an SSD package you have the fastest hosting for a fixed, economical, annual price. Which gives you the opportunity to focus on your website. And to make it a success.

Purchased web hosting, now what are the steps to creating a website?

Once you have purchased a web hosting package there are a number of steps you can take first. It is advisable to read up on what choices are available, what steps are required and more. For this we have a very extensive knowledge base at your disposal where you can find almost any question you might have. This makes it an ease to get started.

Suppose you would like to create a website after the purchase, then you immediately have a number of choices. Are you going to create the website yourself with manual coding, for example? Or do you want an easy interface that you are used to from the Microsoft Word text editor? There are several roads that lead to Rome.

For a large part of the starters with a website the choice is to make a website with a Content Management System. Often abbreviated to CMS. These systems make it easy for you to not only create a website quickly, but also provide you with many tools to easily customize a website. For example, with a Content Management System you can easily select a theme that will change the entire look of your website with the push of a button. And with a familiar and easy environment you can publish an article, or create a new page on your website. Terms like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal you might have heard already. Let's cover below how you can make the choice between these.

Choosing between different website Content Management Systems

Choosing a Content Management System when starting a website is not a light choice. It is important to go with an established and popular Content Management System. The most popular Content Management Systems are all free to use. And easy to install through our Web App Gallery found in our Content panel.

A Content Management System should be easy to customize where needed, and match your needs for your website. If you want to set up a webshop for example, it is advisable to choose a dedicated Content Management System for this. And if you want to start a blog or portfolio website, WordPress is often the choice. With a WordPress website you can also go in many directions.

We also have other Content Management Systems available in the Control Panel. If you want to test or try out some of them you can easily create a subdomain. Then you create a completely separate environment where you can experiment with. Without running any risks on your main website. Also in the knowledge base and in our blog posts we often discuss different Content Management Systems and their ups and downs.

Email accounts for a professional contact option

A website should have an email address where you can contact other companies, your customers or your website visitors. In our web hosting you can create unlimited email addresses that use your own domain name. Free email addresses such as Gmail or Hotmail are not suitable for your website. These email addresses do not only look unprofessional, they are also not taken seriously by contacts.

You then have the choice of creating a general info@ address to manage everything. Or you can also create personal email addresses. Like your first name or per colleague another email address. Then the email address just use your internet browser with our webmail. As you might be used to Gmail or Outlook. Or you can set the email address outside your web hosting within your phone, laptop or other local email program. So you can always keep up to date with the latest email.

Still have questions about how to get your web hosting up and running? Then come on over to the chat. Besides being webhosters, our colleagues are also enthusiastic about website creation and everything that goes with it. So we can help you out with all your questions.