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Create webshop in WordPress

Create webshop in WordPress

Create webshop in WordPress

There are different techniques and ways to create a webshop or web store. If you want to set it up independently and without being tied to a provider, a webshop in WordPress is often one of the first choices. In this article we will look at what is possible to create your webshop in WordPress. And what steps you need to take.

Creating a web store can be a simple task with WordPress, but you'll need to take a few more steps than you would with a website. Once you start selling something through your own web store, you'll need to comply with a number of legal requirements. Most importantly, you need to be registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

Have you already established a business? Required for a web shop

As soon as you start selling products in a web store, you need to make sure that you are registered with the KVK. Of course, there must be some control here, because if everyone could just open a webshop without being controlled, there would be even more abuse. We advise you to take the necessary legal steps before you start a webshop, or at least before you fully launch it. If necessary, it is also advisable to consult a legal expert for your terms and conditions and the necessary documentation.

A good place to start is also the step-by-step plan of the Chamber of Commerce itself, in which it has already listed some points for you.


Other first steps

Once you have your documents in order and have taken the necessary legal steps, you can start working on your webshop. You have a number of options for this as well if you want to sell your products in the Netherlands. In that case, you should choose a .nl domain name. If your plans go further across the border, a second or third domain name extension can be considered: .be for Belgium, .com for the whole world and so on. In our domain name configurator you can find the domain extensions you can use. The domain name itself is also an important consideration; it should always be chosen to be easy to remember, easy to spell on the phone, and "brandable".

The choice of package is divided into two different packages, one of which can be an overall SSD package. You have an environment where you can work with a blank canvas. Or you can opt for a managed WordPress hosting package . Here we take a lot of the technical issues off your hands. Like keeping up with the updates in WordPress. And I take care of backups and setup. So you can save time and stress on these activities. This is great if you want to focus on growing your webshop!

WordPress Security

WordPress security starts with regular site maintenance. WordPress itself releases security updates, but so does every plugin and theme you use on the site. It's up to you as the webmaster to keep these up to date. An SSL certificate can also be installed with a Lets Encrypt certificate, which is free. However, for a web store, we strongly recommend using a paid certificate. Then a lock in the browser bar is guaranteed, and the data your customer enters in the store cannot be seen by everyone.

Also, of course, it is important to use strong passwords and be careful about which party or person has access to them. We recommend using a password manager like LastPass and keeping passwords random, with strange characters and long. This will ensure that your credentials are less likely to be hacked.

Lastly, it is important that you contact a reliable party for payments. In order to receive payments on a web store, you will always have to give a percentage, with some parties more than others. A good party for these purposes is Mollie. We use them ourselves, along with many other satisfied customers.

Installing WooCommerce with a suitable theme.

Installing WooCommerce itself is a simple task, just go to WordPress plugins in the admin panel. And navigate to WooCommerce in the search bar. Then you will have the option to install it. And then configure it further. We recommend taking an afternoon to go through all the options. There are a number of options for this, and you should explore them and decide what suits your web store best.

Also, most WordPress themes are already suitable for opening a web store. When installing another theme, make sure it says something like "suitable for WooCommerce". This will help you install the right theme without any further issues. As always, be sure to check a theme's ratings and how often the theme is updated. This is also important for security.