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ASP NET web hosting

ASP NET web hosting

ASP NET web hosting

Web hosting comes in many different flavors, for every package that needs to be run there is a package available at MijnHostingPartner.nl. But what exactly can you do with it? And for which websites is an ASP.NET web hosting package suitable? We will answer these questions in this blog post.

ASP.NET web hosting has been a popular way to host a website for a long time now. From small hobby websites, to giant corporations using ASP.NET and .NET Core web hosting for the foundation of their websites. ASP.NET web hosting is robust, ultra fast with the latest .NET Core web hosting and an incredibly reliable platform to grow with. From small less complex websites to complex multinational websites with a myriad of functionality. It is all possible with ASP.NET Webhosting.

Speed and stability

Speed and stability is therefore at the heart of a website hosted with ASP.NET, thanks to the infrasctructure and the way the code is put together. It can handle any project you throw at it. Combine your ASP.NET project with the web hosting of MijnHostingPartner.nl to get the most out of your project. With an ASP.NET website you use the latest technology by using .NET Core. The latest versions are also available in the web hosting. So of course you can also use earlier ASP.NET versions if a project requires it.

Thanks to our special packages and servers that we have set up for ASP.NET web hosting, we have managed to make any website fly on them. With standard SSD disks on which the data is stored. And the other points we will cover later in this article, any website hosted on ASP.NET web hosting is blazing fast and extremely stable. With any project.

The special ASP.NET web hosting packages

To make the most of your ASP.NET web hosting project, we have also set up special packages for this purpose. These are known as the Core packages that we have and are particularly suitable for any project in ASP.NET or the later versions in .NET Core. With your own dedicated resources per website in the form of a dedicated application pool. Full trust and all the things you expect from an advanced ASP.NET package. In the client and control panel you can switch effortlessly between ASP.NET versions. And all the settings you want can be found in a logical place.

Furthermore, the ASP.NET web hosting packages come standard with SSD hosting, where all files are accessible at lightning speed. And optimization is used to ensure the best results. We have optimized the ASP.NET web hosting servers thanks to our many years of experience in hosting them. By using this experience for the special ASP.NET web hosting packages you can be assured of a fast, stable and robust environment.

Our ASP.NET web hosting packages also come standard with one or more MS-SQL databases (depending on the package). So you can effortlessly start setting up the website and create a database for the project. MySQL databases are also included to ensure that you can make use of these as well.

Web hosting for every stable version of ASP.NET

We always make sure that new releases of ASP.NET, .NET Core and MVC hosting are installed by default within the dedicated ASP.NET web hosting. Here you can always use the latest stable releases to ensure that your project is always up to date with the correct versions. This brings you with the stable releases several years of support from Microsoft and the team behind .NET Core. So once you are done developing your project in ASP.NET webhosting it can run for years without any problems at MijnHostingPartner.nl.

Content Management Systems ready for you in ASP.NET web hosting

Of course, not every project within ASP.NET will be developed from scratch. There is of course no need to reinvent the wheel for every project. Therefore you can also choose to develop with one of the popular Content Management Systems that are available for ASP.NET and .NET Core. Easily choose between Umbraco, DotNetNuke or Orchard in the control panel to make it easier for everyday website work, such as writing blog posts, not to be carried out by technical people.

ASP NET web hosting

Umbraco is the most popular Content Management System in the ASP.NET environment, and with good reason. Websites made with it can be used by small companies as well as large multinational corporations. Thanks to the extremely user-friendly text editor system, all employees can quickly work with it without having to go through a steep learning curve. Install Umbraco easily via the Umbraco website, or install it within a few steps with the Web app gallery in the control panel. For best results, combine the Umbraco website with an MS-SQL database from Microsoft.

Also a standard webshop solution within .NET Core is already ready for you, with NopCommerce you create responsive webshops. With an excellent focus on usability, speed and ease of use. So for each project you can also choose to do this together with a Content Management System.

Do you still have questions about an ASP.NET web hosting package? Come on over for a chat or fill in a ticket on our customer panel. We are happy to help you find a home for your next project!