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A professional email address

A professional email address

A professional email address

For your own website, your own business, or just for your personal mail, having your own mailing address can make a big difference. In this blog post we want to look at the benefits of having your own email address. And how this is already possible at a competitive price at MijnHostingPartner.nl.

The email is and remains an important part of online communication. With an email address, appointments are made, you come into contact with customers and other companies. And you can use it to create accounts for various online products. There are many other opportunities and benefits to having your own email address, which we'll discuss below.

Keep business and personal separate

The main advantage of having your own email address on your domain is that you can work for your business and not have to receive the business emails through your personal mailbox. This makes it easier to separate personal and business life, and it's much more convenient to work. It's also easier to separate things like an agenda from your personal appointments.

It's already difficult to separate your personal and business life, whether you're starting your own business or not. Regardless of whether you already have a business or are just starting one. Separating your emails is an important step to not only create more clarity for yourself, but also to have peace of mind on the weekends, for example. You can do this much better with a separate email address, which also looks more professional than a free email address, than without.

Doing business well with a separate mail account

You'll do much better with a private email address stamped on your own domain name than with a Gmail or other free email address. Your company name can then be used to create anEmail hosting, and you can simply use your first and last name to create the email address. Or keep it generic like the familiar info@ sales@ administration@ etc. You can create an unlimited number of email addresses at MijnHostingPartner.nl, as long as you stay within the package size.

A business email address goes down much better with your customers and your business partners. A company email address is more trustworthy than a free email address. And it can also be better tailored to your business and vision. Many of these free email addresses are also used to spam companies and parties, so they have a high chance of being completely ignored. Of course, that's the last thing you want once you get down to the business of reaching out to new clients and parties on a daily basis.

What is the purpose of having your own email address?

Having your own email address is used for many purposes, including keeping in touch with clients and business partners, of course. But it can also be used to ensure that you can securely log in to multiple online services. Like other websites and web stores. Again, it's easy to have your own email account for personal use. And the big advantage of having a paid email address is that your data is no longer shared and analyzed with third parties. Also, email accounts can be used without ads and you can log in securely through webmail or in your favorite application.

Set up your own email address in your favorite email applications

Of course, you want to be able to specify your email address in your favorite applications. With your own email address, you want to be able to pick up right where you left off on different devices. Whether it's on your phone with Spark or on your computer with Outlook or Thunderbird. This is all possible with a mail account from MijnHostingPartner.nl. We have an article in our knowledge base for many mail applications. This makes the setup easy and fast. And if you still get stuck, you can always get help in the online chat.

The emailing you want to do is of course secure and without risk of leakage or abuse, so you can safely set up the email account through a secure STARTTLS connection. This ensures that every email message you send and receive is protected. So you can feel safe to use your email address wherever you are.

Don't miss any mail, or do you?

The email address can be entered anywhere, so you'll always know about your latest emails. You can also set your business mail account to open only on a specific computer or only in the browser. This way, you can ensure that you only see your emails when you want to. To maintain the separation between your personal and professional life, you can decide how to organize this yourself.

Take the package of your choice to set up your website and send mail for your business. For less than a week of shopping, you already have a year of hosting!