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YouTube video on your website

YouTube video on your website

YouTube video on your website

YouTube videos on your website

If you want to place videos on your website and webhosting you can always do this locally via MijnHostingPartner.nl. However, it must beHowever, it should be remembered that videos are very large and can fill up your hosting space.hosting space full because of this. YouTube is a good solution for this. With an ownYouTube channel you not only host your videos but you also have the possibility to generategenerate more reach for your website. You can link in every YouTubeIn each YouTube video you can link to your website and vice versa. More about this at the end ofthe article.

But how do you then put your YouTube videos on your ownwebsite? That's the question we're going to answer below.

Upload the video to YouTube and copy the embed code.

You can upload the video to YouTube and then select it with the rightwith the right mouse button. Here you will see the option Embed video code.

When you select this then you have something similar in yourclipboard. Only the URL will be different.

YouTube will create an easy iframe, this will make sure that youensure that within the websitehosting makes external use of YouTube. So the movies are not onMijnHostingPartner.nl but remain on YouTube. This also helps with the loading timeof your website.

Embed the code on your website

You will also see the width and height that you canset. This is also manageable with many website Content Management Systemssuch as WordPresshosting or Umbracohosting by dragging instead of manually setting the pixels. Howyou do this for an HTML website you will see below:

For the right effect in most situations sit itinside a div in P tags. This way you can easily move it around or further style itwith CSS.

Social media aspect

Besides the loading time advantages and space usage there is alsothird important reason for using YouTube. This is thesharing and interaction that you have with your viewers and visitors to your website.In the event that you manage to create a popular video then you can count on a lot of reachcount on a lot of reach and brand awareness. The link that is created between YouTube and yourwebsite also has a positive influence on your search ranking.