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What is an affiliate website

What is an affiliate website

What is an affiliate website

You might have heard of affiliate marketing, but did you know that there are also websites that do purely affiliate marketing? These are the so-called affiliate niche websites. Let's explain how son website is put together and what exactly its revenue model is.

Monetizing a website can be done in a lot of different ways, there is the option to sell something directly. Think of a product or service that you offer to customers. In addition, a major driving force behind websites is the various advertisements that are shown. These can be from well-known ad networks such as Google AdSense. Lesser known ad networks such as Ezoic or a Dutch advertiser or through a direct ad placement.

Besides direct selling, there is also the possibility on a website to do affiliate marketing. This is mainly in the form of interesting media or blog posts. In which you recommend a product via a link. When visitors from your website go to the target page, and make a purchase or leave an email address. You can then earn a commission in return. This varies from small percentages to bigger bonuses the more you bring in. Let's dive into how this works and what techniques are available.

An affiliate website, how do they work?

An affiliate website can be set up using any technique you like. In fact, any website can be used to create an affiliate website. There are generally no conditions or rules attached to having affiliate links on your website. However, there are techniques such as using a Content Management System. These make it easier for you to get a number of things done.

An affiliate website generally has 1 thing in common. And that is that there should be strong content on the website that activates readers to make that purchase. Writing an article with 5 minutes, putting a link in it and then finding it ready. Is no longer sufficient in today's day and age. There are >50 competitors who will write about the same thing and have more effort, more expertise and more manpower in return. Since affiliate websites mainly use 1 traffic source. Namely the organic results of search engines.

For many affiliate websites it is not feasible to work with advertisements for traffic. You are even less assured of a purchase than a web shop would be, for example. In addition to organic traffic, affiliate marketers also make enormous use of social media to spread a post. Websites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all options for this to get people to your website.

Most basic affiliate websites like a blog are created with the Content Management System WordPress. Of course, you can also turn to MijnHostingPartner.nl hosting for a Managed WordPress hosting package.

Cookie duration

As soon as visitors of your website click a link to go to the target page, there is in almost all cases a cookie attached to it. This cookie lives for 24 hours, and with some affiliate networks or providers sometimes even 30 days or more. As soon as visitors have clicked on a link and visited the website, the cookie's timer runs out. It is therefore often important that your website content gives the visitor a sense of urgency or an urge to be there quickly. This ensures that you have a better chance of that commission.

The cookie duration varies by affiliate provider, large parties such as Amazon have 24 hours on it. Other smaller parties often have much longer. However, if the purchase is not made shortly after the visit you still have a chance that the cookie expires in another way or is deleted.

Finding providers from an affiliate network

To find providers from an affiliate network that you can start promoting on your website it is important to determine where your customers are. From here you can look for the most popular provider for those products. And then you can submit your website to that specific affiliate network. This sometimes comes with some snags. And you can also be rejected for an affilaite network if your website does not qualify in the eyes of the company. There are also traffic requirements with some companies that your website must meet. Such as more than 5000 visitors of organic traffic per month.

So always read up on the affiliate program before applying for this. A rejection can sometimes be demotivating. And is therefore better to postpone until you better meet these requirements.

Partner Program of MijnHostingPartner.nl

With the hosting of MijnHostingPartner.nl we also have an affiliate program, as soon as you let people in through your affiliate link at MijnHostingPartner.nl we have a nice bonus in return. In the form of Partner Points. Where you can save vouchers and other extras and even discounts on invoices.

Sign up easily for the partner program by starting this from the dashboard in the customer panel.