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Website creation for beginners

Website creation for beginners

Website creation for beginners

Creating a website can be challenging for beginners, but modern solutions make it easy and fast. Want to take a look at what it takes to create a website for your business, hobby or foundation? Then read on in this blog post.

Website creation is possible for anyone and can be easily accomplished with content management systems. With content management systems, you can easily manage the content of your website, which means writing and creating pages is done in a visual way without having to worry about programming. With a number of content management systems, you can also easily customize what surrounds the content, that is, the layout.

With a theme or layout already put together for you, you can make your entire website look different with the click of a button. Especially with content management systems like WordPress and Joomla, you can make sure your website looks the way you want it to by installing a theme. WordPress and Joomla are easy to understand with a little training, made even easier by our extensive knowledge base that we provide to help you set up your website and customize it to your liking.

What do you need to consider with a website?

A website can easily be created using a content management system, but there are a number of things to think about. For example, what domain name do you want to use for your website? Using our domain name configurator, you can immediately check if it is still available. Then you can use a package of your choice to start creating your website. The package that most beginners land on is our SSD package. With this package, you can start building your website right away.

We have a lot of material in our extensive knowledge base for you to get started right away. Each tutorial is accompanied by descriptive screenshots, and many even have video support so you can immediately see how a certain action is performed. This way, you can get started quickly without having much experience creating and maintaining websites.

Website appearance

The appearance of a website can be designed or customized with a theme, this can be as extensive or difficult as you want it to be. A pre-built theme for WordPress and Joomla can be purchased separately from third parties, or you can start with a free theme. You can change the colors, for example, or you can expand the theme and go through and change every aspect. This can take 5 minutes or 5 weeks. It's entirely up to you how you handle it.

A couple of good themes for WordPress that you can use are Astra and OceanWP themes. These are easy to install from the WordPress admin environment itself. And they can be customized to your needs without any additional tools. We generally advise against working with website builders like Divi or Elementor. They make it unnecessarily complicated. Also, they add a lot of features to your website that are better missing than present. But again, you are free to make your own choice. After all, we are the website hosters, not the website creators!

Website maintenance

Website maintenance is just as important as website creation. If you don't maintain a website regularly, it may eventually become outdated and thus compromised. The website can then be taken over by malware and lost. It is therefore important that you check for and install updates regularly. Also, there are a number of precautions you can take to save your website even in the event of a disaster.

This is also to outsource MijnHostingPartner.nl a Managed WordPress hosting package, we will take care of the technical issues for your WordPress website for you so you can focus on growing your business and website!