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The difference between .NET Core and a .NET Framework

The difference between .NET Core and a .NET Framework

The difference between .NET Core and a .NET Framework

If you want to use ASP hosting you may have already considered some options.You can of course use a CMS but also a framework or just a .NET Core application.We are going to cover in this blog post what exactly is the difference .NET Core and a .NET framework.

.NET Core

.NET Core is a free open-source web framework developed by Microsoft.The first version of .NET Core was released in 2016 in an update to Visual Studio 2015 and is faster than ASP.NET.
A year later, .NET Core 2.0 was released, this was even faster than the original. With the new version there were over 20,000 APIs supported which was also not in the original.

The advantage of .NET Core is that it is blazing fast on your hosting.Microsoft ported Bing to .NET Core last year after which Bing became 34 percent faster.
Because .NET Core is still a fairly new framework, not every .NET library is supported yet.If this is the case we recommend you to just use the .NET Framework.

.NET Framework

The .NET framework is the predecessor of .NET Core and was released on February 12, 2002.This is an open-source application framework written in several programming languages.
.NET is especially useful if you are using an application that is already written in .NET.

You can then easily extend and improve it because .NET is already very stable.
One disadvantage of .NET is that it is much slower than the Core version but it is more stable than .NET Core.


If you want to go purely for speed then it is recommended to use .NET Core.However, for the novice user .net is easier to learn. This is partly due to the fact that .NET is more stable and therefore you also have more room to make mistakes.

The choice is entirely up to you but we recommend .NET for the beginning user. If your libraries are not yet supported on .NET Core then we recommend .NET as well.If you are already experienced or want a faster website then .NET Core is an excellent choice.

If you have any further questions on this topic then you can always see if one of our chat staff is available.If no one is available then you can create a ticket towards our helpdesk.