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Track tasks for your website

Track tasks for your website

Track tasks for your website

Creating and maintaining a website can be a lot of work in most cases. There are a number of ways to keep this in order for yourself. In this article we share some tips for keeping track of updates and the further tasks that come with a website.

With a website there is always more work involved than when you might expect, because in most cases a website is not a static object. It grows along with your business or wishes for the website. This is a process that often does not happen in one day. And should therefore always be kept in order. In this article we give some tips on how you can achieve this.

Use tools to keep track of different tasks and to track them

There are several free tools available that allow you to create order out of chaos. With tools that are accessible on the Internet you can ensure that your workflow is better organized. And that you don't miss out on business and therefore opportunities for your website web hosting here.


Trello is a tool that is popular with many companies and schools to let students and employees follow a clear work path. Especially with larger projects you can create a task list that makes it easy to cross out. When you finish a task you can put it on a "Done" list or under review if it needs to be looked at by your employer. That way, website updates, new content and other tasks can be easily viewed and crossed off. This is a tool that I use a lot for my own websites to keep track of what tasks are still open. It is also very motivating to have it set this way.

Also a little tip, you can also create a list with some long-term goals, such as reaching the first 1000 visitors, the first 50 pieces of content, etc. This always gives you a longer perspective of where you want to work towards with the website.


In Clockify you can then also create tasks and track how much time you spend on them. When you need to invoice a client or pass on the hours in the first place. Then this is an easy way to achieve this. There are many time tracking programs available. After trying a few different ones I always come back to Clockify because of its pleasant interface.

Google spreadsheets or similar

Google Spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel is an old familiar standby method of keeping track of tasks and can actually be used just like Trello. Keep track of different tasks and check them off or color them when you have fulfilled them. This gives the same workflow organization as many other tools. But chances are you already use one of these two tools. So it is not necessary to become a special member of another tool here.

Schedule updates and work

Updates and work such as cleaning backups are best put in the calendar for yourself. That way you always get a reminder to complete these recurring tasks. And you can always fall back on your calendar when you don't know where to start.

The calendar of our webmail can of course be used, or you can set it up in a local calendar such as Outlook. Here you can keep track of the activities and keep an overview for yourself. This will help you to perform the tasks correctly.

Recurring tasks for you in order

There are a number of recurring tasks that you see with every website, this can be described in a number of different parts.

Recurring task of processing updates

Updating websites is an essential part for not only keeping your website safe. But also keeping up with some issues. Plugins and other components like your used theme do have some bug fixes and improvements with each update. So when you update this you are always using the latest (hopefully better) version here.

Managing backups and checking them

Keeping your backups in order is also a task that is important for working safely with your website. After all, things can always go wrong. Backups need to be stored in a number of different places. One can be on our hosting, one on a local computer or hard disk, and one on a cloud service, for example from MijnBackupPartner.nl. In the worst case, you can then always go back to the time of the last backup.

Checking the backup is often also a task that you need to take into account. For example, if you notice that the size of the backup has become the same, less or much larger. Then you can often guess that something is not quite right here. So you can quickly pick this up and check it out to solve the problem.

Writing and publishing new content

New content is not only important on your website, but is also of great importance in places like Social Media. This ensures that you continue to interact with your audience and also sends a positive signal to search engines. Publishing new content on your website can be seen in the form of Blog posts. Or new products or further pages that should be added. A website can never have enough content.

Helping customers and visitors

Customer service is of course a part of every company website or webshop. There are always questions and solutions that need to be provided. Even if you are just selling an ebook on your website. Such matters often run through mail, but can also take place in other places. Tasks and requests that arise from this can be put back into tools like Trello and Excel to keep this clear not only for yourself but also for your team

We hope you can take some tips from this blog post! If you want to grow together with your partner in Hosting, MijnHostingPartner.nl, come and join us and sign up for your hosting package now. For a competitive annual price for less than a week of shopping you already have the latest technology and features for your website and email.