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Maintain a heatmap on your website

Maintain a heatmap on your website

Maintain a heatmap on your website

There are many different methods to track what exactly is popular on your website. You can look at the most visited pages and the amount of traffic coming from different sources. But how do you keep track of exactly where a visitor clicks on your website? You can do that with a heatmap.

A heatmap is nothing more than a visual way to see how a number of visitors click and interact on your website. This is a handy way to see what your visitors are clicking on and how you can use that to your advantage. For example, if you see that a lot of users are clicking on a certain link, you can make an effort to use that link in other places. Or move it to another page that works better. Let's get started with all the tips for setting up a heatmap for your website!

Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity was recently released as an alternative or supplement to Google Analytics. With a default heatmap active in reports, you can quickly see how your users are interacting with your website. In addition to a heatmap, you also have the option to view individual sessions of your users. This will show you a video of a user's entire session. So the moment the user enters the website, how they read the content and how they continue to interact with your website. It's also easy to track and list multiple pages. This allows you to see the entire user experience from perspective.

Why track visitors' actions?

The question is whether you want to track visitors' actions for your website. For many websites, this won't be particularly interesting to track. However, for a large portion or any commercial website, it is of great importance to track them. Privacy reasons are, of course, the first and foremost concern of opponents. We understand this all too well, which is why we are in favor of the Brave browser and search engine. However, for commercial websites, it is an element that can increase their revenue. That's why Microsoft Clarity is anonymous and not traceable to a real person. You can see what region and country they are from, but by default no IP addresses are added. This way, you can still respect the privacy of your visitors without having to use a lot of other means to do so.

You can also use a lot of other heatmap software, but privacy is not as important, so you may have to deal with a lot of issues like privacy and cookie policies.

The actions of your visitors are tracked to optimize your website by tracking what your visitors click on. Whether it's images, links or text. The sessions combined with a heatmap give you a lot of information that the marketing team, design team, copywriters and management can use. Like time on page, what draws attention to a website. Or where visitors expect to find information. This is obviously important to the existence of your website.

Other software for heatmaps

Of course, there are other tools to create heatmaps for your website. However, these tools are often not free or free to use like Microsoft Clarity. And are therefore more of an option if your website is already generating revenue. Microsoft Clarity has a low entry level and is easy for any user to understand. And can be made active with a small piece of code in your website header. All you need is a Microsoft account, which you probably already have if you have an outlook.com or live email address. You can then use this to activate your Windows account with Microsoft Clarity.

If you want to take your site to new heights, an important part of that is analyzing how your current content and site are performing. And applying those success stories to new content. This way, you can improve bit by bit to make sure you're reaching your goals for the site. Keeping track of user experiences is therefore an indispensable item that every webmaster should have on their agenda. Make your projects a success together with your hosting partner and sign a package now at a sharp, fixed and low price. For less than a week's purchase, your hosting and domain name are already registered for a whole year!