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Images for your website

Images for your website

Images for your website

Images for your website

When you create a website it almost always includes images. This is important for the ease of reading of the users. You can also easily make a point as a picture says more than a 1000 words! But where do you get all the images from? You can't just copy and use images from anywhere. You still have something like copyright. It is also not advisable to use images that are hosted elsewhere, because this costs hosting bandwidth. That is usually not appreciated. There are a number of entertaining stories about popular news sites that used someone else's image. The other party's solution was to replace the image with an inappropriate version. That, of course, is not what is meant.

Product images

If you are looking for images then you do have a number of options. For web shops it is an idea to have pictures taken of your products. You can do this yourself if you are reasonable in photography. The truth is, however, that this often looks less than if you let a professional do it. There are plenty of photographers who can help you take quality photos. There are also a lot of them hosting at MijnHostingPartner.nl with their beautiful portfolio websites!

In your social network you can always find an amateur photographer who is willing to take the pictures of your webshop for a lower amount. This way you can reduce the costs.

Free pictures

For pictures of your website the main goal is to attract attention and make it a little more fun to look at. It is easy to have an image of a forest when you are talking about a certain subject. You have some paid options for this but also free options. One example is pexels.com. Here you have a large collection of images that you can use and this time our image is also from.

Another option is flickr where you can find a lot of images. However, these are often copyrighted. You can therefore search on flickr with the tag “Commercial Use Allowedâ€. This way you have images that you can use for your website or blog.

Last option is the public domain archive or https://publicdomainarchive.com/ this is a website where you can get pictures that are free to use.