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Identifying problems with fewer visitors to a website

Identifying problems with fewer visitors to a website

Identifying problems with fewer visitors to a website

A website stands or falls with the amount of visitors it receives. In order to determine where this is caused by, there are a number of things to check and to pick up. In this article, let's take a look at what can be done to increase this.

Visitors on a website make you more likely to get conversions, the more visitors the more sales or desired actions on a website. Of course it's not a 1 plus 1 sum that you can make, however it does come down to this: more visitors on a websiteweb hosting will ensure that you sell more. There can be many reasons for this, which can cause you to receive less traffic. To solve this sometimes it takes a lot of work to get it right again. In this article we explain what some of the causes can be, and how you can get it back up as soon as possible.

Less visitors through organic traffic

Organic traffic or traffic to your website from different search engines like Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo can be a large part of your visitors to a website. It doesn't matter what kind of website you have, as long as you offer products or information that is being searched for, organic traffic can come from it. So to a blog website, your freelancer website where you explain your services, a company website or a webshop. Organic traffic is often a good investment to put some work into. You don't pay directly based on display or click. And you can rank in the search engines with particularly good terms. Provided you use the right strategy. There are a number of common reasons for the decline in your organic search results.

  • A competitor may have created a better page that is above yours.
  • A Google Update may cause your results to plummet due to the use of less qualitative backlinks and practices.
  • The speed or security of your website may be an issue, causing pages to be removed from the search network.

An invaluable tool that can be used to identify problems is Google Search Console, in which you can see what reasons there may be for the website. And how you can solve them or improve them. Of course there is no detailed step-by-step plan for your specific websitehosting, but with these reports you can further track what needs to be done to improve the results.

Often the reason for this is that no new content has been placed on the website for quite some time. With new content you send out a signal to search engines that there is a reason to keep sending users. A monthly, weekly or daily item on your website can make the difference between ranking or not ranking for certain terms.

Less visitors from advertisements

There can be a simple reason for this, a website is often advertised less. Advertising is popular for companies to use for this direct reason. With a certain budget there are x amount of visitors on your website. Who immediately land on the pages you want. For example a landing page for a certain action.

When you use the same budget as before and receive less visitors, there is often something wrong with the quality of the ad. Google has a number of guidelines for this and these can be consulted. You can also contact the advertising network. Certainly Google has an army of employees who can help you with this. If you want more personal contact for a particular campaign, you can also take a look at the services we offer at MijnWebdesignPartner.nl. Besides organic results, we can also help you with advertising your website.

Less visitors from Social Media

To determine why you have less interaction and visitors from social media, you should first look at the interaction and views of your latest posts. Social media is all about being active and posting a lot to keep this interaction going. If you see that the interactions are decreasing on your social media posts then this will often be a case of posting more, responding more to users and messages, and using more hashtags etc. to appeal to more people.

Less visitors from direct or email traffic

Direct traffic is often hard to determine where these visitors are coming from, to see what the reason for this is you can also look at your previous results. For example, if you see that a certain page used to score high in direct or email traffic and then it dies. Then it may be that this simply is not mentioned on another source such as social media or a website. Or that it is not shared anymore.

Direct traffic can always be determined by analyzing the page itself and see which visitors this is exactly. Is this for example from a certain region or source? And so on. You can always find out from which source this traffic came.

We hope you can use these tips to determine why you are receiving fewer visitors to your website, and of course reverse this trend! Make use of the fastest hosting at MijnHostingPartner.nl to exclude at least 1 part already.