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How do I create a newsletter?

How do I create a newsletter?

How do I create a newsletter?

If you have your own web shop, organization or sports club then you probably use a newsletter.You can easily inform everyone or make announcements through the mail that everyone receives.

When people agree to this, you can even use it to promote new products or offers.You can use this to boost sales for your products but how do you do this exactly?

In this blog post, we're going to go over how best to send newsletters to your customers.Also, keep in mind any mail limitations of your hosting.


If you make a newsletter, it is important that the letter has a nice layout.It does not look professional if you just send text over the mail and have it as a newsletter.

Make a draft in Microsoft Word of what your newsletter will look like.It is important that you use the style of your website.

This way people can immediately see that this letter comes from you.You should also remember not to make the layout of the newsletter too busy or it will become cluttered.

Do not turn it into a spam mail

Most people who unsubscribe from a newsletter do so when a newsletter is sent too often.This is because regular newsletters are often seen as spam and of course nobody needs spam.

It is also important that you give people the choice to subscribe instead of just unsubscribe.In this way you give the user the choice and it will be less likely to be seen as annoying mail.

After all, if users find it interesting they will sign up for it themselves.Generally, newsletters are sent once a month.


Often with a newsletter, people don't read the entire letter but quickly read over it.That is why it is important to prioritize what you tell people.

It's also best to put the most important subject at the top.This increases the chance that people do not read over it and still get the important news.

Because people often read through them so quickly, it is also important that the subject with which you send the mail is striking.Often you can include the title of your first heading to make it extra catchy.

Make use of links

In your newsletter you want to encourage your customers to take action and go to your website.You want them to be able to do this easily so they actually do this.

For this reason, it is important that you include links in your customer newsletter.They can then click directly on the link to the product or article mentioned in your mail.

You can also use the links to encourage your customer or user to take action.Suppose they have a special personal offer then you should also link to the relevant article.

Fortunately, this does not have to be limited to one link but you can also use multiple links.Especially when you offer the customer a personalized offer it is important that there are multiple links in it.

Keep it short

Keeping newsletters short is also important since most people read through them quickly.Therefore, make a newsletter short so users know immediately what it is about.

A short newsletter is read more often by users than a newsletter that is long and extensive.Try to keep your newsletter under 500 words so it can be read quickly.

Keep it in the eye

Now that you have some tips for your newsletter it is also important that you keep an eye on what exactly is working.You can do this by using Google Analytics for example, you will need to add a tag to each link in the email.

That way you can easily keep track of which links are clicked on the most and adjust your e-mail accordingly.It is also advisable to add this to the unsubscribe function of your letter.That way you can make an estimate of how many people unsubscribe from your newsletter.

If you have any further questions you can always check if a chat employee is present.If no one is available you can create a ticket using our ticket system.Contact via Facebook or Twitter is also possible.