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Start using Google Web stories

Start using Google Web stories

Start using Google Web stories

As long as you are involved in online marketing you hear all kinds of things about yet another new platform that can be used. Google Web Stories is the latest topic that is already known in various circles. Google's own new channel appears in search results, news and Discover. In this article we will show you the possibilities.

Google Web Stories is a channel that can be seen in a lot of other Google services. Unfortunately it is not yet visible in the Dutch search results. So for now they are only interesting for marketers who want to put their websites on the map outside the Netherlands. Google Web Stories are short videos or a series of images that are very similar to the stories of Instagram, or now the Twitter functionality. The biggest difference is that Google Web Stories are also directly shown in the places where it counts. Namely the services of Google.

To start using this you need to create the Web Stories. How do you do that? With WordPress it is as simple as using a plugin. With other Content Management Systems that you use in hosting this may be different. Or have to be coded yourself.

Who are Google Web Stories interesting for?

The focus of Google Web Stories is that content is repurposed in a new way. Not necessarily a new technique, but in a place where these stories and form of content have not been used before. With these stories, the search results are also enriched with interactive media in short form. Or again the focus on mobile. Perceptive make the argument that the natural search results that are hard fought for are also pushed further down this time. By ads, YouTube results, Featured snippets and so on. I have no argument against this.

So if you have a webshop, blog or website where you sell a service or want to inspire or activate people. Web Stories are a new way to stand out and attract more audience to your website. Examples that have been mentioned are beautiful images of your products, packing lists for city trips or new music or video of which a preview can be shown. The possibilities are as far as you can imagine.

Tips from Google for the best Web Stories

Google has suggested a number of tips for using Web Stories on your website and getting the most out of them. The tips are similar to tips that successful Instagram Accounts also use to achieve success.

Use Video to attract and hold the attention of visitors, these are videos that look best in the portrait mode of the camera. So feel free to use a cell phone to record this. High quality videos are not necessary, the quality of most decent cell phones will be enough in this format to look decent. With videos you make you should also use closed captions, or subtitles so that people who don't listen to audio, for example on a crowded train, also get the full point of a video.

Telling the story in the first person is also recommended, meaning that you tell the story from your perspective and use the selfie camera in the video. When you want to explain something or make a point, it is best to tell it from your personal message.

Using the identity of your brand is also the next tip that is given, when you make a video or image, it is recommended that you use your logo and corporate identity in it. So use your colors and typical style that you also use on other social media and your website. That way you are easily recognized.

Infographics and dynamic visuals work on social media and also on Google Web Stories. With a gripping infographic, you are more likely to get an action or click in most cases. And is a simple trick you can use to score better within this channel. With the short attention span of most mobile users, you can easily take advantage of this by using infographics and dynamic images.

Furthermore, it is also recommended not to overuse stock images and video. Even if you don't have an in-house graphic designer you can use, you can still create your own images and video in other ways. Do this with your cell phone or simply scribble something on paper or in Paint. When you see what goes viral in terms of media, you also don't have to be very concerned about what is thought about you. Do tailor this to your business or website though. Once you want to put your legal website in the spotlight it may not be the smartest choice.

And as a final tip it is recommended to use polls and interactive quizzes. This will ensure that you get an insight into how engaged the audience is with the topic. And brings more to the table than a typical image.

Are you going to use Google Web Stories as soon as it is launched in the Netherlands? Or are you already using it for your website abroad? As always, let us know via social media or chat!