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Start using Google AdSense

Start using Google AdSense

Start using Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to display ads on your website. This can often be a nice addition to your blog website or informative website to get an income from this, or often pay the hosting fees. This way you can share your hobby with your visitors and not depend on donations.

Signing up for Google AdSense, and then applying the code to your website is a process that requires some explanation. That's why in this blog post we will explain how you can apply this to the hosting of MijnHostingPartner.nl. Regardless of which Content Management System you use!

Signing up for Google AdSense

Signing up for Google AdSense is the easiest step of the whole process. Like almost all services and products offered by Google, this requires a Google Account. This can be created through Google itself. But it is likely that you already have an existing account. For example, if you use Gmail, Drive or the Google Chrome browser, you will already have a Google account that you can use for this. You can also choose to keep your private and business account for your website separate by creating a new Google Account with a company email address that you can also create via MijnHostingPartner.nl.

After you have your desired Google Account go to the following link to start the signup process.


This is followed by the verification process and approval of Google.

Verification process and approval from Google

In order to sign up for AdSense, two things need to happen. The first is to verify that you are the owner of the website. This can be done by inserting the AdSense code in the Header of your website. You can do this with a plugin or manually. After this you need to be approved by Google for showing ads.

The approval of Google will only be given if the website complies with their policy. For example, no websites can be submitted with little content, unfinished websites or technical errors. Unofficial rule I have often come across is to sign up only when you have son 30 blog posts or pages on your website. It also depends heavily on the topic of your website. Websites where you can gamble, adult topics or extremist websites are not approved. And often not websites that are about guns and similar topics.

If you make a blog about your garden or your personal passion such as cycling then you are often safe. It has to be interesting for Google to be able to show ads. And above all it has to be safe for the companies that advertise with Google.

This verification process can take two weeks or several months. This also varies greatly. Since the pandemic, this process has become many times longer, so take into account a long wait for approval.

Implementing the Google AdSense code

Adding the Google AdSense code can be done via a plugin. In most Content Management SystemsWordPress like WordPress you can then choose to inject this into the head of the website. This can also be put in manually in your website. If you are comfortable with this then we often recommend that method. If you prefer to do this via a plugin then this is also possible.

After signing up with Google AdSense you will get such a code which is used for this.

Start using Google AdSense

After that the website will be tested by Google and advertisements can be shown. You can do this in the automasy way. Google then decides where and how your ads will be displayed. Or you can do this manually by putting your own ads in an article. Experience shows that applying these ads takes more time and is often omitted. The automatic ads is set and forget. Often useful for someone with a network of websites.

Therefore, I personally recommend if you have a single website to do this manually, here with the right strategy and higher sales can often be achieved. But if you manage multiple websites to arrange this with the Automatic Displays. You are then also still free to a number of criteria to apply. So that your website still looks user friendly.

Furthermore, the choice is of course yours.

Choice between different advertising methods

As mentioned above, you can choose to have your ads displayed automatically, or you can manually process your ad blocks. It can also offer simultaneous use when, for example, you want to have a fixed ad spot in a widget on the side of the website. This makes you free to use both ways.

Manual ads can be created within Google AdSense, all different formats and banners can be chosen. Then that code is saved and can be used again and again. Also, within Google AdSense it is possible to select what kind of Advertisers are shown. If you find a particular ad category annoying or not appropriate for your website then this can also be turned off. Often a lot of ads are shown for yet another mobile game, or those articles that magically burn belly fat. I can imagine that this does not suit your needs.

So how much can you earn?

Unfortunately, that is an answer that varies from website to website. It mainly depends on the number of clicks on ads and the number of visitors you get to your website. There is an amount per thousand impressions and per click. How this is determined exactly you don't get to know. Different subjects have different ad rates.

To be able to show you a figure, I will take an example from two sites in totally different niches, which are considered small websites.

In the month of September:

  • Site 1: 960 page views has earned €10.62 with 25 clicks
  • Site 2: 3200 page views earned €8.20 with 31 clicks

So you can see that with different sites you are stuck with a different cost per month. Smaller sites like the one above will not make you rich sleeping with just AdSense. What you do have is that with 20 euros a month you can easily cover your hosting costs at MijnHostingPartner.nl. And you will also have something left over for a nice dinner.

Want to earn more with Google AdSense? Get more visitors to your website and keep them there longer. Easier said than done.

Other ad networks

There are also other ad networks that you can qualify for. Google AdSense is very low key in their requirements for visitors per month. Therefore, it is often used in the early stages of a website. As you require more visitors per month and exceed 10,000 visitors and more you can choose to go with Ezioc, MediaVine and also Dutch parties. Then you can also often earn more than just the hosting costs. And you could get a full time income per month from your website.