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Generate revenue from informative websites

Generate revenue from informative websites

Generate revenue from informative websites

Websites can be created for many different reasons, but not every website is created for a business or commercial purpose. You can't make a fortune with an informative blog or a website that explains or clarifies topics. However, the cost of these websites will still be incurred. And you may want to think about designing the website to generate some income. Let's take a look at how that can work in this blog post.

Websites that you create out of a hobby or passion can contain information that is valued by the target audience, think of the skating example. Create a series of articles about what to know when choosing skates, how to care for them, and which rinks are the best. Then you can get visitors who appreciate that content. That may be reward enough for some, but of course, nothing comes for free. Even if the cost of hosting a domain name and the entire hosting package is less than a week's shopping at MijnHostingPartner.nl, you can choose not to spend money on it. Even a website with relatively few visitors can easily recoup the cost of hosting. We will see how you can get started with this.

Website visitors are worth money

Every website visitor who stays on a website for more than a few moments is worth something. That's the beauty of a website compared to traditional media. A website can still be visited on any device, at any time of day. And it can be done in any location. It's hard to imagine modern life without this form of media. People are looking for advice on choosing a product, a sport or a hobby, or they just want to be entertained. A website can do this job perfectly.

The visitor may only see your information or articles on the site, or there may be news or offers from third parties. This can be in the form of advertising. The different ways are explained below. There are also a number of other ways a website visitor can earn money. We will go into more detail on these as well.

Advertisements, the logical choice

Advertisements are there and will continue to be there. As much as you want to avoid them, advertising is necessary to maintain websites and keep certain sources independent. For example, look at any news site, or you will see advertisements, or there is an option to subscribe for a monthly fee. Check your free email account, such as Gmail or Outlook. There will be ads here as well. Unless you are paying for a service, visitors or users are the product. Therefore, a website that attracts a lot of attention, regardless of what exactly it is about, is always interesting for a party to advertise.

An informative website about skating is of course very interesting for a skate manufacturer or the local skating rink to advertise on.

Advertising on a website runs through an advertising network, the best known of which is of course Google. With its extensive search engine, browser, email and Android data and user data, no one knows a user better. And is therefore in the best position to provide them with advertising. Google AdSense can therefore be used for your informative website to generate revenue.

Of course, this requires thousands of visitors per month to earn more than 50 euros per month. However, this can quickly cover the cost of hosting and domain name registration. Google AdSense is the logical choice as it serves relevant ads and has a low threshold. It's all about having some existing and visited content on your site. Privacy and cookies are fine, and you have a contact address.

With other ad networks in the Netherlands and around the world, there is often a threshold in terms of the number of page views per month. Many ad networks don't get out of bed with less than 100,000 unique page views per month.

Links to partnerships and promotions

The item that comes after ads are affiliate links or promotions. Companies like Bol.com or Coolblue are popular options for such sites in the Netherlands. This is done simply in the following way: A visitor comes to your website through any route, clicks on a link to the party and then makes the purchase. You then receive a small percentage of that purchase.

Staying with the skating example, direct business can also be done with companies. A direct agreement can be made with a company that makes the best laces for skates to receive value for each pair of laces sold. You can also make an agreement on the number of eyes on the product. For example, if 1000 visitors are sent to them from your website, then this can also be rewarded.

This way, you can either get creative and contact companies that you want to support, or you can join one of the larger vendors to offer more products.

Other ways to earn money

Aside from advertising and affiliate contracts, there are a number of other ways to turn website visitors into revenue. Other popular options include asking for donations or endorsements. Visitors who have a high emotional connection to your content or work will naturally be more likely to do so. For an anonymous website with no face, this will be more difficult. Some popular methods for this are PayPal, Patreon, and Buy me a coffee. These can be used by visitors to make a donation without taking any extra steps.

In addition, website content can also be sponsored by companies who will often contact you directly to discuss an ad placement. This is often on a per impression or per click basis. However, this can be set up yourself. A blog post or article is dedicated to a specific product or service offered by a company. To make your audience aware of it on the website.

This is one of the most common ways to generate revenue with an informational website. This way, you can make sure that you are not just spending money on your website. But you can also make some money from it. Start now with your website at a low price with MijnHostingPartner.nl, and complete your package now!