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Different types of free WordPress themes

Different types of free WordPress themes

Different types of free WordPress themes

Once you have decided to create a website with your favorite content management system, WordPress, your next step can be to create the design and layout of your website. You can easily install it with a content management system like WordPress and others, and most importantly, download it for free. Let's take a look at how to find your template or theme and how to use it safely.

WordPress is known for its ease of use, especially for everyday tasks like content creation and design. Getting your website up and running often takes a lot of time with other solutions.

By installing a theme within WordPress, you can take care of a lot of things.

This allows you to focus on the further development of the website. So, you can spend as much time on the appearance as you want. You can choose a free WordPress theme after installation, apply little things like your logo and house style, and declare it done after an hour. Or you can take two weeks here to strip down and customize everything to your liking.

Free WordPress Themes

WordPress is a free or open source content management system, which means that the code can be viewed and edited by anyone. In closed source projects, the source code is not freely available and therefore cannot be edited from the outside. Open source like WordPress is therefore free for both commercial and personal use. And just needs a home to be hosted. This is exactly where hosts like MijnHostingPartner.de come into play. We offer the perfect place to host your WordPress website, all for one low annual price.

Free themes come in different varieties in WordPress, with the free themes serving as a lure to switch to the paid version. Free themes for which a premium version is available, but do not force a switch. And free themes that are free from the ground up. One variety we advise you against right away if you really want to keep them free, and those are the themes that are just bait. These are sometimes hard to spot before you install them. For that, use the reviews and the list of specifications to get more information.

Free themes that have a premium version available but don't force you to switch right away are often a good option for those who want to create a simple website. Certain features are then hidden behind the premium version, or access to multiple layouts behind the theme. So if you can get by with the basic version, then a similar theme is just right for you. And you don't have to upgrade to the premium version right away. With such themes, take a close look at the included features and make sure that your needs match the free theme's features.

Different types of free WordPress themes

Finally, there are free WordPress themes that are designed from the ground up to be completely free and do not include a premium version either. A good example of this is the default themes that already come with WordPress, and there is a new version of them every year. For many blog websites and simple websites that only serve as a business card, these are also already sufficient. In a previous blog post, we looked at the Bjork theme by Anders Norén. This is a good example of a theme that is completely free and can be used for many different projects to achieve a nice end result.

Which WordPress theme suits your needs the best? Let us know via social media.