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Create your website in one afternoon

Create your website in one afternoon

Create your website in one afternoon

We are often asked how long it takes to create a website. Many companies or projects do not require a complex website. But a website that can be called an online business card. This simply communicates the vision or a brief introduction of the company, what is offered and how to contact the company. For many companies that are service-oriented, this may already be enough. So let's take a look at which websites can be created within an afternoon and which may require a little more time.

What features do you want to have available on your website?

Of course, complex websites with a web store or other extensive features cannot be set up in an afternoon. There are certain things that take a little more time. Things like the creation of the website and the webshop behind it will probably be done. However, the KVK registration, the delivery and payment methods, and the description of the individual products may take a bit more time.

So the question is, what functionality do you want to provide from the start, and from there you decide which takes priority. With a portfolio page for freelancers or a website that serves as a business card, you can have your website up and running in an afternoon! Want more functionality on your website? Then make a list of your most important items and just start doing them step by step. You can often get a lot done in an afternoon.

Starting an online presence - ordering process and setting up your hosting package.

To start building your online presence, you need to take the first step and "rent" a small space on the Internet. You do this by securing a domain name. And by securing a hosting plan . It can be difficult to find a domain name, but once you have it, it's yours. A hosting package is also easy for most beginners. If you want to create a website in an afternoon, you'll probably do so with WordPress. For that, choose a Managed WordPress hosting package or an SSD package. With a Managed WordPress package, you'll have even less to do, because we'll prepare WordPress for you.

The installation of WordPress can be done with the push of a button from the customer panel, plus the installation is fully automated. Another advantage of MijnHostingPartner.nl is that the database used is MariaDB. This is another speed advantage compared to MySQL. You don't have to do anything for it. To make the installation even easier, we have also put together an instructional video that will get you started quickly. After installation, you can quickly get on with designing your website!

Getting started with a theme and layout for your website

Create your website in one afternoon

With a WordPress website, you can have your website ready within an afternoon, thanks to the enormous number of pre-built themes available both in the WordPress admin environment and in external sources. This allows you to change the entire styling and layout of your website quickly and easily. Once you've added your logo and set your colors, you can proceed with your website without having to change or edit every single element.

WordPress also makes this easy thanks to its theme editor and its simple functionality. Besides, you can easily make all the customizations on a visual basis, since you don't have to write a single line of code to create a WordPress website! This makes it accessible to anyone who is just starting out. And you can continue to set up your website the way you want.

Adding content to a website, (unfortunately) more than an afternoon's work.

If your site has multiple pages, this can be the most work to add content. Texts need to be written and information explained. Describing them and creating the necessary text, videos or images can take the most time. If you only want to fill the core pages with text, you can do it in one day. But if you want more than just the home page, contact us and information about us, then you need to roll up your sleeves.

You can't have multiple landing pages and product pages with just a short description. If you want to be found on the Internet not only by direct visitors but also by search engines, you need to start using detailed descriptions and longer texts on these landing pages. This way, visitors will not only get more information, but you will also have a better chance of appearing at the top for the terms that are important to you.

Alternatively, you can also run paid ads to give your website direct visibility. You can do this by using an advertising network, such as Google. Or you can use social media. The decision is entirely up to you as a new webmaster!