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6 tips for new bloggers

6 tips for new bloggers

6 tips for new bloggers

Blog websites are a creative way to share your work or content, for businesses blogs are important and for other purposes. With a blog you can attract people to your products or to your website to show ads or offers. Here are 6 tips for new bloggers.

With a blog website you can share information in an interactive way, writing content is an important way to give your website authority. And of course to grab visitors for further action. With starting a blog you may have many questions. In this blog post from MijnHostingPartner.nl we will give you these tips so you too can start a blog quickly!

Starting a blog, where do you start?

Starting a blog is a great way to attract audience to your product or website. The choices you have for starting a blog are more than one. A hosting package is the foundation of your blog website. At MijnHostingPartner.nl we are your partner for your blog. Choose for a blog for an SSD package or Managed WordPress hosting package to get the most out of the hosting. An SSD package or Managed WordPress hosting package ensures that your website is not only lightning fast on all devices, but also for the stability of a website. With our uptime of 99.9% percent, your website is always available to people who want to read your blog.

With a low threshold in terms of cost, you already have an SSD hosting package for less than a week of shopping. And is therefore available to almost anyone to start. Even if you already have an existing website or blog we can quickly bring it online with our free relocation service.

What is a Content Management System?

A Content Management System is the backbone of your your blog. A Content Management System makes it easier than ever to start and maintain a blog. Popular Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla or Umbracohosting make it easy and fast to tap and publish blog posts. But also make it easy to customize and publish the look of your website with themes and plugins.

Many Content Management Systems are a snap to install using our Control panel. In the web app gallery it's just a matter of selecting the desired Content Management System and installing it with a few clicks of a button. And if you can't work it out, we have more than enough articles in our knowledge base to guide you step by step with the installation of your CMS.

And if you still have a question, our colleagues in the online chat are ready to guide you through it.

How do you publish your first post?

Publishing your first blog post can be exciting. After all, you're putting a self-written article online that you've worked hard on. How will it be received? And do people find your blog interesting? These are questions that we unfortunately cannot answer for you. But we can give you tips and tricks that you can use when writing your first blog post. In our own blog we share interesting news and tips several times a week to help you succeed.

Write posts that benefit people, make them interesting and visually appealing and share them on social media. Writing content that helps people can use information, news or tips.

How do you structure your blog posts?

The structure of a blog post is important. This not only helps with the reading experience of visitors, but also search engines that want to display your content in search results. A well-structured blog post with a good title is important for the success of your blog. The title should be catchy and not too long. Also make sure that your blog posts use headings correctly and that the technical side is in order.

Content management systems can take care of this for you. However, it is important that you know what is happening in the background. Do your homework to the latest standards recommended by search engines. Do not write blog posts under 250 words, and put effort in writing your blogs.

Mapping your website

To map your website, the first step is to register a domain name. A domain name is like we have for this MijnHostingPartner.nl. A domain name needs to radiate confidence and be easy to remember. So don't make it too long, don't use questionable terms and keep it professional.

Furthermore, it is important to create a sitemap and report it in Google Search Console. And research the various social media channels that your target audience uses, and then join them to share your new content with that audience.

Keeping track of the actions of visitors

As a final tip it is important to keep track of what users do on your website. This can be done in many different ways. The most well-known is Google Analytics. However, this can be quite difficult for beginners to see the wood for the trees. Therefore, we have also written an article to help you with this.

It is also possible to see how your users interact with your website through Microsoft Clarity. Here you can also see where your users are clicking and reading based on session playback and heatmaps.

Both tools are easy to install within WordPress and other Content Management Systems by placing a piece of code in the header of your website. Or using a plugin that makes it easier for you.

We hope you'll start your blog as well, and that you'll choose us as your partner! Any questions about starting a blog? Come on over for the chat.