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The importance of SSL

The importance of SSL

The importance of SSL

Is an SSL certificate important?

An SSL certificate is in the recent years more and more in the news, thanks also to the safe internet campaigns of the government and various agencies. They emphasize that you must pay attention to how your data is handled. An important part of this is an SSL certificate. This is an encryption that takes place at website level and ensures that the data the customer or visitor enters is secure. And not, for example, can be intercepted by someone who sits to WireShark. If SSL is not used then it is not simply everyone in the network. But also all Internet Service Providers in between.

So it is extremely important to make it safe for your visitors and customers to have an SSL certificate. But what options are there?

Fortunately, we have an extensive article that can be viewed here:

General Information SSL Certificate

To order your SSL certificate for your hosting you can simply create a ticket through the customer panel and report your choice. Then we will take care of it right away.

Also for my website or webshop?

Any way of gathering information such as a contact form or an input field is already advisable and in some cases mandatory to be secured within your web hosting. So it is not only recommended for webshops or corporate websites but also for your portfolio website or blog!


With the new General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect on 25 May, it will be mandatory under the law to protect the data that customers entrust to you. The fines for this are also not negligible and it is therefore more than advisable to work on this.

What are the figures for using an SSL certificate within .nl?

On the date of writing, there are a total of 3.6 million unique .nl websites. Of those 3.6 million websites, 15.5 per cent have an SSL certificate. Much too low for the new law that is coming.

This can be further divided into 757,000 business websites and 80,000 web shops. The web shops are in the lead with a share of 59 percent have an active SSL certificate. The business websites are at 30 percent.

Also here is a big advantage to grab. Order your SSL certificate for your hosting today!