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SSL certificate and SEO

SSL certificate and SEO

SSL certificate and SEO

Does an SSL certificate help with SEO?

That question MijnHostingPartner.nl gets more often. The short answer is: Yes, it does! But it is only one part the search engine takes into account and certainly not the only thing you can do to improve your position in the search engine ranking. That an SSL certificate counts has not always been the case. However, with the latest updates to the algorithms and browsers, it is becoming increasingly important. You've probably already seen it when you use Chrome or Firefox. You now get a notification when you enter personal data in fields and in the browser bar. This is obviously a deterrent for customers coming to your website. So besides SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it is also important for the user experience of your website and trust what you want to radiate to the customer. The biggest argument for purchasing an SSL certificate is that you ensure the security of personal data. This is important when you have a webshop. If you do not have this active and something happens then you as holder and owner of the website are liable for any damage.

An SSL certificate with your web hosting of MijnHostingPartner.nl can be ordered quickly. You can place an order through the customer panel or create a ticket. We will then prepare the order for you and make sure your SSL certificate is ready as soon as possible. There are differences in the types of certificates, read the following article and ask our online chat for more information.

We will also soon have the possibility to use certificates from Let's Encrypt. These SSL certificates are free to use, so you can still provide your website with some encryption on a low budget and enjoy the benefits for SEO. This will be an easy way to set up through the control panel. When we have it available we will announce it via Social Media and the announcements page on our website. So keep an eye on this! If you have not liked our facebook page yet, now is the time!

Of all the things you need to adjust and take into account for SEO, an SSL certificate is one of the easiest ways to boost your SEO. So order now for a better score!