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Older versions of Pale Moon infected

Older versions of Pale Moon infected

Older versions of Pale Moon infected

Most people today use web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.However, there are also other options that are great for surfing the Internet.One of these less popular browsers is the Pale Moon browser, which is where malware was last found.

What kind of malware is it?

If you are using the Pale Moon browser then you are probably wondering what kind of malware it is.In this case it is the ClipBanker malware, this form of malware mainly targets cryptocurrency.

Users who want to make a payment or transfer money generally copy the bitcoin address.In doing so, the ClipBanker malware replaced the address to one of their own, this caused the money to be transferred to them.

The malware came in at the end of 2017 and was only discovered last Tuesday.After the malware was discovered they were further removed from the archive, how they got in is otherwise unknown.

Earlier this year Pale Moon's archive server suffered from a data corruption, they suspect the same perpetrators are behind this.Users who have not downloaded anything from their archive server have nothing to worry about.It only affects the versions that could be downloaded from the repository.

Alternatives for Pale Moon

Now that you've read this you might want to switch to another browser to access your hosting.One web browser that we at MijnHostingPartner are very excited about is the Brave Browser, this is a browser that automatically blocks ads and trackers.

This ensures that browsing is not only safer but also a lot faster.When you start up the brave browser you will see exactly how many ads and trackers it has blocked in total and how much loading time it has saved in total.If you want to try out Brave, you can download the browser from the following link: download Brave.

If you are still using Internet Explorer then now is also a good time to switch to a new web browser.Microsoft already advises companies not to use it anymore. Among other things because they have also switched to Microsoft Edge.

If you have any further questions, you can always see if one of our chat operators is available.If no one is present at the chat then you can create a ticket towards our helpdesk.