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Google Chrome will block http content automatically

Google Chrome will block http content automatically

Google Chrome will block http content automatically

Nowadays most websites use a SSL certificate for a secure connection.You can recognize this by the padlock at the top of the search bar, also there will be https:// before the link.

However, it may be that your website is not fully secure, for example, because there are images loaded over http instead of https.This is also called mixed content, you will get a message about this in the top of your browser.

Google Chrome already blocks some of this content, for example scripts and fonts.However, they are now going a step further by also blocking images, sound and video.

The reason Google Chrome is blocking this content is because malicious users can abuse it.We are going to cover in this blog post exactly what this means and how you can prevent it.

How do I prevent mixed content?

Now that you've read this, you're probably wondering what you can do to prevent or fix mixed content.You first need to check your own links, for example in your own code.

If you are using WordPress hosting you will need to look into your own database.You will first have to go to the wp_options table to check the link to your start page.

If this is http then you will need to change this to https, your website will be loaded over https by default.
You also need to look at your images, which are generally found in the wp_posts table.

You will see that they are still loaded over http, if you change this to https then your images will be safely loaded.

What does a SSL certificate add?

Now you may wonder what an SSL certificate adds to your hosting.Besides the fact that your visitors will have a secure connection to your website it also has other benefits.

Think for example of the fact that you give your visitors a safe feeling on your website.If you have a business or webshop then people can see that they are on the right website.

You also have SEO benefits, this has to do with the fact that Google also judges your website on this.You will therefore rank higher in Google, which can have many advantages for your company. For example, you can be found more easily.

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